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Alix Earle & Monet McMichael Made Forbes’ Top Creators 2023 & Their Earnings Are Shocking

2023 has been the year creators have taken over the mainstream pop culture space. There’s a pipeline from creator to big-time celeb. Charlie D’Amelio went from a TikTok dancer to a reality TV star and hanging out with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Alix Earle started off filming GRWM videos and now has her own podcast under Alex Cooper’s Unwell network. Other creators, such as Monet McMichael and Olivia Dunne, have landed major brand deals that put them on the map. Needless to say, influencing is on track to becoming a career regarded on the same level as acting and modeling. 

Though influencers are starting to become household names, there’s an underlying factor that has creators taking over: the money. Influencing brings in major bank. I mean, Pinkydoll’s NPC act garnered her a following and a nice side hustle. Let’s also not forget those huge price tags on brand trips. Forbes released their 2023 Top Creators list, showcasing a list of 50 influencers and their earnings — and the results are shocking. 

The list contains some influencers who have been in the game for a while, such as It Girl Emma Chamberlain and YouTube personas like Mr. Beast and Jake Paul. However, the list fits the media landscape of today with TikTokers and Gen Z’s favorite creators taking over. 

Charli D’Amelio is ranked in the Top 10 at No. 5. 

I would say I’m surprised, but I’m not. Ever since her rise to fame in 2019, Charli D’Amelio has been on a fast track to stardom. At just 16, she was the first TikTok creator to hit 100 million followers back in 2020. Now, she has over 150 million followers and over 11 billion total likes. D’Amelio has also ventured out beyond TikTok with music, a family reality show, and even a shoe brand. At 19, she is on the Forbes Top Creators list with $23 million in earnings. 

Alix Earle sits at the No. 42 spot.

Our GRWM queen is making moves. Despite being relatively new to the game, Earle is already in the Forbes Top 50 Creators at the No. 42 spot. What started as an outlet for her to talk while doing GRWMs has turned into a brand of authenticity and embracing yourself. Earle started gaining popularity in 2022 when she posted GRWMs and videos on TikTok showing off her typical college life or struggles with acne. This truthful approach to influencing landed a fandom and a business deal with Unwell, Alex Cooper’s podcast network. Earle now has a podcast of her own called Hot Mess With Alix Earle, where she spills all the tea from relationships to college horror stories. 

Earle is like your hot, famous BFF — heavy emphasis on the famous. Collectively, she has over 8 million followers across her social media platforms and has total earnings of $5 million in just the short time she has been popular. 

Vivian Tu (RichBFF) is taking her financial advice all the way to No. 46 on the list. 

Vivian Tu was once a Wall Street trader and now shares her experience with finance on TikTok. Tu, aka RichBFF, teaches financial literacy with advice on investment portfolios, negotiating raises, managing careers, and so much more. She’s our wise, money-smart big sister we all need and want. Her useful lessons garnered her over 5 million followers and total earnings of $3 million. Tu is also on track to release her book, Rich AF, in 2024.

Monet McMichael is just getting started at No. 47. 

Monet McMichael had a similar rise to fame as Alix Earle. In late 2022, she started gaining traction and became TikTok’s GRWM BFF. She changed the GRWM game with captivating edits, fun videos, and her endearing personality gained her fans of her own. McMichael even went on a multiverse-esque brand trip with other beauty faves like Earle and Meredith Duxbury. Her GRWM videos have landed her huge deals with major brands like MAC and Fenty Beauty. McMichael’s takes up the No. 47 spot on the list with earnings of $4 million. 

Olivia Dunne takes her talents to spot No. 48. 

Dunne first started gaining popularity when she showcased her gymnastic talents on TikTok. As a student and all-American gymnast at Louisiana State University, Dunne has become the most followed college athlete with over 12 million total followers. Her athletic talents and following have landed her brand deals with major companies like Motorola and American Eagle. Dunne has made $2.3 million in earnings — not too bad for a college student!

Many other influencers like Madison Beer and Tinx made the list, showing that the power of TikTok and social media goes far beyond making videos. Social media is a business and our fave influencers are just getting started.

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