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Bama Rush Results: Where Did Everyone End Up?

Bama Rush 2022 left just as quickly (and fabulously) as it arrived. Now, after days of the same sped-up Rex Orange County dance and countless OOTDs, we can finally rest knowing the fate of our #BamaRush superstars. Until next year, obviously.

This year, Bama Rush was filled to the brim with dance challenges, infectious energy, and more than a few main characters that carried this phenomenon on their Lily Pulitzer-clad backs. We watched their makeup tutorials, dorm tours, and fit checks leading up to their gloriously anticipated run home. We laughed, we cried, and now that it’s over, we bid them away with a “Roll Tide.”

From big wins to major upsets, here’s where our favorite Bama Rush TikTokers ended up this season.

Bama Rush’s kylan went zeta

The TikTok-dubbed “Diamond Of The Season,” Kylan Darnell, made Bama Rush fall in love with her bright personality and classy-chic outfits (move over, Blair Waldorf). Her constant reminders that Rush was more than an outfit, her desire for sisterhood, and her sign-off to “have a great day, not a good day, a great day” were enough to have her crowned as one of Bama Rush Tok’s favorite PNMs.

As Miss Ohio Teen U.S.A, we should’ve known Kylan would go for royalty. And, since Zeta Tau Alpha’s official symbol is a crown, it was only fitting to see our girl run home to Zeta. Her genuine joy celebrating her new sisterhood was absolutely infectious—and we can’t wait to see her live it up in her new Greek home. Congrats, Kylan!


GRACYNe ended bama rush as a PHI MU

She is beauty, she is Gracyne! Gracyne has been on our radars since her “what’s in my rush bagvideo during Work Week, and we’ve loved watching her OOTDs and getting to know hr bubbly personality. Not to mention, her adorable friendship with her roomie, Brooke, has made us smile every day of Rush Week.

Her pretty-in-pink style and Southern charm say it all: Phi Mu all the way, baby! An added plus? Her roomie also went Phi Mu, upgrading her to official sister status. Keep shining, Gracyne—and Brooke, too!


Lizzie ran home to pi phi

Bama’s newest Angel: Lizzie! RushTok was obsessed not only with Lizzie’s unique outfits, but also her craftiness when it came to creating an uncanny dupe for a pair of pearl-encrusted sneakers. Her genuine and sweet attitude was a joy to watch, and RushTok found themselves rooting for her all week long!

So, when Lizzie went Pi Beta Phi (typically called “The Angels”), it was obvious that she was in heaven. Congrats, Lizzie—not only for the bid, but because those DIY pearl sneakers stayed flawless all Rush Week long.


BEST DAY EVERRR!! video creds to the best sis everr!!! I LOVE U PI PHI!! my forever home!! #bamarush #bamarush2022 #bamarushweek

♬ Best Day Of My Life – American Authors

Shelby Rose Chose Phi MU

From the moment I saw Shelby Rose’s perfectly fluffy, Matilda Djerf hair, I knew she would be a Bama Rush frontrunner. Her dorm was just as fun and aesthetically pleasing as her Rush Week outfits—drop the links to your wardrobe now, bestie.

Like Gracyne, Shelby Rose found her new home at Phi Mu! Do I sense a collaboration in the future? We’re practically begging for it.


THE BEST!! PHI MU YOU HAVE MY HEART FOREVER! SO HAPPY TO BE HOME💖 #bamarush #bamarushtok #bamarushweek #bamarush2022 #fyp

♬ original sound – SHELBY ROSE

bama rush’s grant did not receive a bid

Finally, the season’s biggest upset: Grant Sikes did not receive a bid, and was dropped from every house at the University Of Alabama. And honestly? We’re not over it.


By following Grant’s journey through Rush Week, TikTok fell for her genuine personality and felt empowered to see someone challenge the outdated traditions of Greek Life. However, as bid day rolled around, Grant released two statements confirming that she was dropped from her final two houses: Kappa Alpha Theta and Gamma Phi Beta, according to her Instagram post. Her desire for a genuine sisterhood and community was clear, and our hearts broke all the same when Grant announced that sorority life wasn’t in the cards this season.

While we weren’t able to see Grant run home to a sisterhood, we’re still incredibly proud of her courage and infectious spirit…and maybe a little jealous of her makeup skills. And since Bama Rush didn’t have a seat for our girl, HC is extending Grant a bid to the official Her Campus sisterhood. We’re your biggest fans, Grant! HCXO!

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