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3 Steps To Nailing A Bama Rush TikTok Halloween Costume

As we move swiftly through September and slowly move into the fall season, Halloween is coming up just around the corner. In college, Halloween has become a holiday that students have used to express creative costume ideas. However, another holiday erupted within the last year: the University of Alabama’s sorority rush.

In August 2021 and 2022, TikTok was flooded with sorority pledges at the University of Alabama showing off their outfit-of-the-day and southern charm — fondly known as #BamaRush. The video clips became an instant sensation and coined the term “Bama Rush Tok,” with the tag gaining over 1.2 billion views on Tik Tok. Viewers not only were obsessed with the personalities of these pledges, but were invested in the potential sororities their favorite TikTok pledges may join. 

The other reason for #BamaRushTok captivating the attention of thousands was the unique taste of fashion from pledges. During rush, sorority pledges often showed off their vibrant Shein dresses and matching sets with flashy accessories. The fashion of Bama Rush is, in a word, iconic. Who wouldn’t wanna be a Bama Rush Tok pledge?

Well, bestie, Halloween is your chance.

Are you ready to feel like a freshman pledge at the University of Alabama? Here’s how to get the look of a southern bell look for a Bama Rush Tok Halloween costume.

1. Baby Doll Dress

The first costume essential is the most iconic Bama Rush fashion item: a baby doll dress. With their flowy fit and feminine silhouette, these dresses give off the perfect Southern belle vibe. To get the look, pick a baby doll dress in either a simple — like in Bama Rush Tok’s Grant Sikes — or go with an iconic all-white ensemble. With any color dress, make sure to pair it with statement earrings, either solid gold hoops or dangly, colorful earrings. 

2. Matching Athletic Set

If you want a Halloween costume that’s comfy, but still matches the Bama Rush theme you’re going for, the best route to go with would be matching athletic sets. These sets are the perfect happy medium if you want your costume to be chic but still comfortable. Matching sets look incredible if they are monochromatic and feature soft colors — so cute!

This year’s Bama rush included lots of skirt ensembles. You can wear any skirt or “skort,” whether it’s more athletic or formal, and pair it with a simple tank top or cropped t-shirt (or one of those matching skirt sets from lululemon). Grace Karner and her fellow rush pledges provide a perfect example with their colorful skirts and white cropped t-shirts. And if you are feeling ambitious, you can be extra creative and put your own spin on a Panhellenic t-shirt, maybe sporting a made-up sorority with your besties. There are lots of points for creativity, here.

3. Name Tags And Accessories, Obvi

If you want to enhance your costume game (and be extra) where a name tag like you are trying to sell yourself as a pledge to your girlfriends. Another big component to sell your like is to self-tan and exude the bronzy glow #BamaRushTok is known for. Acrylic or press-on nails with a clean french tip will help put together the costume and make you feel chic. Lastly, bonus points for sporting bright blonde hair (or wearing a platinum wig) with a heavy Kendra Scott jewelry collection around your neck and wrists.

#BamaRush has given TikTok viewers an inside into the sorority world and how much fashion can influence social media. So, it’s only fair we use these fashion trends to create fresh and creative Halloween costumes. Whether you are involved in greek life or not, a Bama Rush Tok costume makes for a great Halloween transformation. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a #BamaRushTok pledge for a night?

Brooklyn Frederes is a Her Campus Writer for the Culture and Entertainment section. She writes content about a range of topics, such as pop culture, beauty, fashion, relationships, and self-help. Brooklyn recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and English with a publishing track, where she focused on fiction and creative writing. She also was a writer and editor for the University of Iowa's Her Campus Chapter, writing and reflecting on personal experiences. In her free time, you can find Brooklyn reading romance novels, brainstorming book ideas, binging time period dramas, spending her money on makeup and skincare products, or hanging out with her sisters. She also is a day-one Swiftie who loves talking about anything Taylor Swift related and obsesses over her music.