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Summer is just a few months away, which means that it’s time for margaritas, vacations, and an influx of celebrity weddings. And with Sofia Richie’s April wedding breaking the internet, let’s just say that wedding season is arriving faster than ever — I’m living for it. With Gen Z daydreaming about their favorite celebrities walking down the aisle soon (Millie and Jake, WYA?), there’s one celeb that might be choosing to keep their engagement secret — so secret, that they might have already tied to the knot already. And I’m talking about the Call Her Daddy “founding father,” Alex Cooper.

On April 20, Cooper sent shockwaves through the CHD fandom when she revealed that she would be releasing a solo episode of her podcast on April 25. However, fans weren’t concerned about the possibility of drama: Eagle-eyed viewers were instead quick to call out that Cooper seemed to purposely hide her hands, and began to speculate that the star was engaged.

For those new to this CHD lore, you may be shocked to know that Cooper has never mentioned her rumored partner, Matt Kaplan, by name. Known as “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man,” Kaplan is a well-known producer who worked on the Gen Z classic, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The two have never been photographed publicly together, though they’ve been have been linked since 2020: Cooper admitted her boyfriend has a career as a film producer on an episode of CHD, and fans have linked a photo Cooper posted to Kaplan, saying that the dog in the photo was his. Her Campus reached out to both Cooper’s and Kaplan’s teams for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

So, when the Call Her Daddy Instagram shared a post of two dogs (one of them allegedly Kaplan’s, the other is Cooper’s) in ‘lil puppy tuxedos, and Cooper shared the post on her IG story, fans went crazy. Is the CHD fandom getting a step-father?!

Despite numerous (anonymous) sources confirming the engagement rumors to Page Six, Kaplan and Cooper have yet to comment on the rumors of their engagement, let alone a marriage.

While many of us are itching to know the truth, it looks as though we’ll have to wait until April 25 to get the true story of what’s going on with Cooper and Kaplan. And I’m OK with that! Let’s let celebrities share their personal news on their own time. Especially after losing their Twitter verifications, celebs are normal people, too!

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