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Millie Bobby Brown’s Engagement Dress Is Perfect For College Graduation

Love is in the air. ICYMI: Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown seemingly confirmed her engagement to Jake Bongiovi on April 11 in an adorable photo shoot. In the beach photos, Brown is seen wearing a stunning white dress with lace accents. Though you might not be getting engaged anytime soon, Brown’s engagement dress makes for the perfect graduation outfit — here’s how you can find the look and affordable dupes for your special day.

Following the engagement photos, the creator of the dress, For Love and Lemons, came to TikTok to show the process of making the special dress. From a selection of fabric swatches to multiple fittings, the Cleo mini dress ($250) is a carefully crafted white lace dress for any special occasion, especially college graduation. The mix of lace accents and long sleeves with the mini, bodycon style is the perfect blend of fun and formal for your big day. If you’re not willing to spend a lot of coin on a dress you’re only going to be wearing for a few hours (completely understandable), there are plenty of affordable dupes out there that fit the ethereal vibes of Brown’s engagement dress.

Windsor Lovely in lace ruffle hem mini dress

The lace accents of Brown’s dress are what make it so adorable and special. This Lovely in Lace Ruffle Hem Mini dress from Windsor ($37) captures the lace accents that add a layer of formality and charm to wear on your big day. It also features similar long sleeves that give you coverage without being unbearably hot in case your graduation takes place outside.

Princess Polly Ashwood Lace Sleeve Mini dress white

If you’re not ready to commit to an all-lace dress, this Princess Polly Ashwood lace-sleeve mini dress ($66) is the perfect option. There’s a subtle hint of lace in the sleeves and outlining the neckline, but the rest of the dress is in a classy, simple white. The mix of textures gives an elevated spin on the typical white graduation dress. There is also an added strap for extra support you might need when that gown is weighing down on you.

Lucy In the Sky Gertrude Strapless lace dress

If you want to stay on trend with white for graduation day but also want to go for a more unique look, then opt for an off-white or ivory dress like Brown’s. This Lucy In The Sky Gertrude Strapless Lace Dress ($65) in an ivory tone is a unique, stunning take on a classic white grad dress. The embroidered flowers and touch of sequins will have you stand out in the sea of graduates. The strapless neckline is ideal if you’re graduating with multiple cords and stoles.

Forever 21 Sheer Crochet Bell-Sleeve Dress

The flared sleeves of Brown’s engagement dress added a feminine, dainty touch that made it feel enchanting. You deserve to feel enchanting on your graduation day, so opt for this Forever 21 Sheer Crochet Bell-Sleeve Dress ($35) to capture a similar look. The bell sleeve elevates the style, but the crochet materials create a cool, effortless vibe perfect for if you go to school in a coastal town. I mean, coastal cowgirl seems to be the latest style trend, so why not have some fun with the aesthetic on graduation day? Since the crochet is see-through, wear a slip dress underneath so you don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions as you walk across the stage.

Lulus Bragging Rights White Lace Long Sleeve Skater Dress

Lace, flared sleeves, and cutouts are all stunning features of Brown’s engagement dress, which you can find in this Lulus Bragging Rights White Lace Long Sleeve Skater Dress ($62). The mock neckline adds a hint of chicness and makes for a more modest dress if you’re not comfortable showing skin.

Pretty Little Thing White woven pLunge shirt style frill hem bodycon dress

If you’d rather ditch the lace altogether but want to keep the beautiful silhouette of Brown’s dress, then opt for this Pretty Little Thing White Woven Plunge Shirt Style Frill Hem Bodycon Dress ($21). The touch of a collar-like neckline adds an edgy vibe to a frilly dress. It’s both formal and casual, making it perfect for walking across that stage, then going out with your friends right after.

ASOS John Zack lace long sleeve mini dress in white

Comfort is key on graduation day, as you’ll be sitting for a while waiting for your name and going through multiple photo shoots with your family and friends… so a bodycon dress might not be the best choice for this long day. Keep the feminine vibes of Brown’s engagement dress mixed with a loose silhouette to blend both comfort and beauty. This ASOS John Zack lace long sleeve mini dress ($54) in white is the perfect combination of both the chic elements of lace with the comfortability of a flared dress.

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