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All the Holiday Movies Coming Out That You’re Going to Want to See Before the Year Ends

Holiday season is here and that means exactly what you’re thinking: It’s time to start decorating and watching movies every night during the month of December. If the festive spirit has you preparing delicious treats and rocking around the Christmas tree, here are all the upcoming movies for the remainder of this year. Pay close attention because you’re going to want to mark your calendar for these.

Last Christmas (Nov. 8 in theaters)

Emilia Clarke portrays a messed-up twenty-something who meets Henry Golding in this holiday themed rom-com. The film also has a surprising plot twist that you just have to see to believe. Fun fact: Emma Thompson, famously known for her role in the holiday classic Love Actually, wrote this movie! Make sure to catch this in theaters before it moves to DVD. 

Klaus (Nov. 8 on Netflix)

Who doesn’t love a fresh animated movie around the holidays? In this film, a selfish postman in a frozen town up north befriends a toymaker, and the pair delivers  holiday cheer to a dark, cold town. Sounds like a hit to me.

Christmas Under The Stars (Nov. 16 on Hallmark) 

We all remember the star of John Tucker Must Die, Jesse Metcalfe. This time he plays Nick Bellwith who conveniently loses his finance job right before Christmas, but when he meets Julie, who’s still mourning about the death of her father, it’s another Christmas love story for the books.

The Knight Before Christmas (Nov. 21 on Netflix)

Vanessa Hudgens is back again with another Netflix holiday film. This time, the Princess Switch star will be playing a science teacher who’s disillusioned with love and helps a cursed medieval king return to his time.

Frozen II (Nov. 22 in theaters)

This new Disney release brings back our faves Olaf, Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, and Sven! This time, Anna and Elsa embark on a new adventure far away from the kingdom of Arendelle. You’re never too old to sing your heart out to an animated musical.

Holiday Rush (Nov. 28 on Netflix)

A radio DJ, played by Romany Malco, who is known for his role in the comedy film Think Like a Man, is bringing his four spoiled children to his aunt’s house to learn the true meaning of Christmas. This feel good movie can teach us all a thing or two about the true essence of the holiday season.

A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish (Dec. 1 on Netflix)

Although it may seem like it’s another Cinderella story about an aspiring singer stuck in the shadow of her over-demanding stepmother and stepsisters, this time there’s a singing elf! Watch to find out who will be singing at a Christmas fair as the handsome Nick plays Santa on a Christmas tree lot.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (Dec. 5 on Netflix)

King Richardand Queen Amber prepare to take time off from ruling the royal land of Aldovia as they get ready for the birth of their first child—their own Christmas miracle. However, a mystery happens when the treaty is missing and if they don’t find it time, their newborn will be cursed.

Same Time, Next Christmas (December 11 on Freeform)

Two childhood sweethearts end up at the same resort for the holidays. There’s still a spark, but try getting back together will not be easy. Lea Michele, known for playing Rachel Berry in the musical comedy series Glee, plays a leading role in this film, along with stars like Charles Michael Davis, Bryan Greenberg, Nia Vardalos, and Phil Moris.

Black Christmas (Dec. 13 in theaters)

Truth be told that this new remake will be the scariest of them all! What do you get when you add a handful of college girls, a sorority house and a crazy stalker? A fight to the finish of course. Head to the theatres to see how it goes down.

Cats (Dec. 20 in theaters)

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway musical is now a motion-picture film. Cats is the perfect film to go see with your loved ones. It still includes an amazing soundtrack with new and improved visuals!

Watch these movies all month long to get in the holiday spirit.

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