Christmas Tree Flavored Chips Are A Thing, So Like, Happy Holidays

Just when you thought the latest food creations couldn’t get any weirder, there are now Christmas tree flavored chips. Who needs a tree when you can just eat one right? For all those odd cravings out there, this one is seriously different. I’ve never once thought of eating a tree but, hey, maybe it could be nutritious? I seriously don’t know anymore.

A supermarket named Iceland in the UK has created this new flavor just in time for the holiday spirit. Even though Halloween has still yet to come, we are already queuing up the Mariah Carey Christmas album and buying all the eggnog in stock.

The official name of the chip is Christmas Tree Flavor Salted Hand-Cooked Crisps. How English. According to the website it is a mixture of potatoes (obviously), sunflower oil, pine oil and pine salt seasoning. The closest it can be compared to is a rosemary taste, according to Foodbeast.

If you’re looking for a chip that lets you feel like you’re literally getting a taste of the woods, this might be the one for you.

For those that are truly excited by this creation, it is sadly only available in the UK for right now. One bag costs roughly $1.30. If you have any friends living there, maybe suggest a box full of these crisps. The package literally has a pine cone on it so there is truly no hiding the slight strangeness of this. Who knows, maybe it could be your new favorite chip?