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Veronica Aguilera

FIU '20

Veronica Aguilera is a Junior at Florida International University double majoring in Biological Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in psychology. Ms. Aguilera is on the pre-med track and aspires to attend medical school after graduating from FIU. Although, Aguilera's passion has always been medicine and the healthcare field she has always had a unique interest in writing. She states that "words hold so much power enough power to even help change our world."
Through Aguilera's articles, she hopes to bring positivity and love to collegiate students all around. Aguilera's various executive board positions and extracurricular activities have motivated her to share with others her life experiences. Aguilera hopes to cover a variety of article topics that pertain to the pre-medical life as a student and other devotions she has found along her journey. A message from the author: My collegiate readers, these articles are for you and only you. Filled with inspiring words and personal life experiences I hope to bring a new perspective on how you may view life. A perspective full of self-love, success, and positivity.