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Savannah Hafer

UVA '25

Savannah Hafer is an author and social media member for Her Campus at the University of Virginia, she primarily enjoys writing about local events on grounds and topics of interest such as self-betterment, women's empowerment, and career opportunities for women in STEM.

Outside of writing, she is a third-year Aerospace Engineering Major at the University and is beginning her journey toward her commercial pilot's license. She spent her last summer in the judicial system interning under a County Supreme Court Justice, specializing in criminal law. Although seemingly unrelated to her major, she plans on becoming a Patent Lawyer for aeronautical and aerospace companies using her background in both engineering and flying to aid in her final goal.

Outside of her career building and academics she is an Eagle Scout and prioritizes following 'do a good turn daily' as her mantra and finds purpose in empowering the wonderful and strong women around her.
She loves backpacking, mountain biking, playing rugby, and writing in her spare time between classes. If she's not outside or in class you'll find her in the gym between the weights and racks probably trying to figure out how many reps she's done because she lost count.