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Calling all the girls who have been waiting, clutching their fake spiderwebs and pumpkin carving kits, ready for the socially acceptable time to begin decorating, Halloween is finally upon us! Cue the ghost lofi during studying and those oven-ready cookies filling the air with a cozy aroma. If you’re anything like me, the TikTok algorithm has been pushing orange and black Boo Baskets down your throat like it’s candy corn. You’ve been preparing to make one for your significant other for a month already with much more in mind. But if you’re anything like my partner and friends and the endless babbling about yet another spooky season plan has only been met with blank stares and questions, you have come to the right place. After finding out that some people haven’t even heard of a Boo Basket I created this general outline in order to help those lost souls on their quest to make someone’s spooky season extra special. Send this to your girlfriend, boyfriend or friends, because with the spine chilling feeling that midterms are just around the corner, a gift of fall essentials will make even the hardest class tolerable.

Step 1: Cozy & Comfortable. It’s getting cold and staying warm is very important, keep those toes warm with some fuzzy socks or slippers, or grab a blanket so you can snuggle up with your BOO while enjoying some hot chocolate.  

Step 2: Add some Spooky Treats. Everyone has a favorite warm weather snack, I’m a chocolate frog girl myself but candy corn is a timeless classic that is delicious and wonderfully Halloween themed. Whether it’s for a study snack or paired with a nostalgic Halloween movie, some candy or pumpkin spice flavored popcorn will be a wonderful addition. 

Step 3: Don’t forget the Witch’s Brew! Whether it’s warm tea or a butterbeer like cream soda, a fun drink will be the perfect complement to those Halloween themed snacks. 

Step 4: Personalized extra. Perhaps it’s a ghost mug for the coffee drinkers or a cat-witch Squishmellow to add to their collection, having a Halloween trinket will make it extra special for whomever you’re gifting it to. 

Step 5: Put the BASKET in a Boo Basket with a cute container. When I’m looking, from the perspective of a broke college student, it’s all about functionality and duality. I want the receiver to be able to use it again and again so a dollar store bin or a wire basket will do the trick and can be used all year round for storage and organization. In this case, size is important, you don’t want something so big that everything you put in is swallowed up but not too small where you run out of space. That’s why I put this step last, it’s easier to know how big you need it when you know what’s going into it. 

Optional: Themed filler. With some confetti or tissue paper, the Boo Basket is instagram ready to be posted by your friend or significant other. Try using some spooky old notes or scrap paper to be environmentally friendly!

Finally, after completing this list you will have your very own Boo Basket ready to assemble and gift to whomever your heart desires this Spooky Season, and remember, it doesn’t matter how much or how little is in the basket. At the end of the day, you put time and effort into creating something special for an important person in your life and they will appreciate it.

Savannah Hafer is an author and social media member for Her Campus at the University of Virginia, she primarily enjoys writing about local events on grounds and topics of interest such as self-betterment, women's empowerment, and career opportunities for women in STEM. Outside of writing, she is a third-year Aerospace Engineering Major at the University. She spent her last summer in the judicial system interning under a County Supreme Court Justice, specializing in criminal law. Although seemingly unrelated to her major, she plans on becoming a Patent Lawyer for aeronautical and aerospace companies using her background in both engineering and flying to aid in her final goal. Outside of her career building and academics she is an Eagle Scout and prioritizes following 'do a good turn daily' as her mantra and finds purpose in empowering the wonderful and strong women around her. She loves backpacking, mountain biking, playing rugby, and writing in her spare time between classes. If she's not outside or in class you'll find her in the gym between the weights and racks probably trying to figure out how many reps she's done because she lost count.