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Rowan Ellis-Rissler

CU Boulder '26

Hey my name is Rowan Ellis-Rissler and I am a writer for HER campus at CU Boulder. I was born and raised just 5 miles north so I have lived in Boulder my entire life. I chose to backpack through Europe by myself for a semester before I attended CU Boulder just to get out of my home town for a bit and see the world.
I mountain bike for the CU cycling team and also ski for the freeride team at CU. I enjoy anything outdoors and I have a passion for photography. In terms of my professional career, I interned with a professional photographer for 3 years before I graduated high school. I also coached gymnastics for 6 years while in high school and a bit of college.
Here at CU I am majoring in journalism and political science with a minor in business management. I write to make people feel something. Whether that be happy, sad or just feeling less alone, I write to better our world.