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At 6 p.m. on a quiet Sunday, the gentle flakes of snow slowly cover the world outside in a pristine, white blanket. The air is filled with the comforting aromas of homemade pizza baking in the oven and a crackling fire warming the living room. The show Liv and Maddie plays on the TV, and everything feels chaotically perfect. I’m sitting at the dining room table, working on my science homework, when I take a moment to stretch my neck and look up. My dad is grinning at my mom, who is preparing the salad. She senses his gaze, and when she turns to face him, they exchange warm smiles. She playfully taps him on the chest, and he pulls her into a hug, both of them laughing. My siblings let out an exasperated “ewwww” when my mom kisses my dad, but I just smile, because I know they have something that most people search their entire lives for. 

My childhood was shaped by witnessing this profound and unbreakable bond. My parents navigated life’s twists and turns hand in hand, soul to soul, weathering every storm with laughter and tears. They made the conscious choice to bring four children into the world while nurturing a love that only grew stronger with time. I saw them face life’s most heart wrenching challenges head-on and continue to fall madly in love with each other every single day. 

When people ask why I haven’t been in a relationship yet, I often point to my parents. Their love story is the reason I hold out for something extraordinary. Growing up watching their deep connection taught me the transformative power of love, showing me how it can elevate life into something wondrous. 

The Greek philosopher Plato once told a myth of humans who originally had four arms, four legs, and two faces. Zeus, as punishment for human pride, split us apart, leaving us to roam the Earth in search of our missing halves. Love, in this context, is meant to heal and transform our lives, yet we can lose ourselves in the search for this sense of completeness. 

However, the traditional quest for love can impose unreasonable expectations, particularly on women, due to societal pressures around marriage and family planning. Women often face a ticking biological clock that dictates when they should marry and have children. 

But love should not be sought to fill a void. True fulfillment comes from within, through the journey of becoming the person you aspire to attract. Love is meant to complement your life: adding sparkle to your Friday nights, whether spent alone or with your significant other. 

Authentic love isn’t about matching on an app or swiping through idealized profiles. The quest for perfection can lead to endless comparison and dissatisfaction. Authentic love is about finding someone who makes your life more vibrant, someone who brings depth and joy. 

The rise of dating apps has altered how we approach love, promoting the idea that there’s always something better just around the corner. Social media fuels this mindset, suggesting that a perfect job, partner, or lifestyle is just a click away. While this can inspire ambition, it often leads to unrealistic expectations and discontent in matters of the heart.

My dad once shared that if he had been part of the dating app generation, he might never have met my mom. Instead, he could have been swiping through profiles, comparing my mom to unattainable standards. His decision to take a chance on her led to a lifetime of love, rather than simply relying on convenience. 

This generation often struggles with finding contentment in life’s simplicity, as the curated perfection of online lives fosters a sense of inadequacy. But love isn’t about chasing perfection; it’s about finding someone who brings out the best in you and makes your life richer.

The problem is people look for someone they can grow old with. You need to look for someone who keeps your inner child alive. Love should spark passion and wonder, not fit neatly into checkboxes. It’s about chasing the love of your life through the rain’s gentle cascade, and slow dancing in a ballroom as the world fades away. It’s about discovering your dearest companion in a world of billions, and blending every thought, action, fear, and dream into a universe that belongs solely to you both.

Growing up can be overwhelming, with countless paths and opportunities, but one truth remains clear: I know that I will find my person. The one who lifts my spirits high when laughter feels like it’s passed me by. The one who takes me to the mountain’s crest, where our small place in the cosmos is expressed. This person transforms the mundane with flair, turning the ordinary into something rare. They know my coffee black, my pasta with cheese, showing me my other half does in fact live and breath. For this is love’s essence, its enchanting grace: it brightens life in the most unexpected place. Love is among one of life’s greatest experiences. True and genuine love awaits each and every one of us, though it favors those who seek it earnestly. Too many things in life are mundane, love should never be one of them.

Hi, my name is Rowan Ellis-Rissler and I am a journalist for HER campus at CU Boulder. I was born and raised in boulder and have always had a sincere love for Journalism and connecting with people and places around the world. My free time consists of mountain biking for the CU cycling team and also skiing for the freeride team at CU. I enjoy anything outdoors and I spend a significant amount of time working on photography. My dream is to be either photojournalist or a broadcast journalist. Here at CU I am majoring in journalism and political science with a minor in business management. I write to make people feel something. I report because I want to spend my life doing what I love while also helping at least one person feel less alone in this world.