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Rose Soltani

NCSU '24

My name is Rose Soltani and I am a writer of Her Campus at NC State University. I love writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas with everyone!

I am a 4th year Business Administration Major with a Concentration in Marketing and I am also minoring in Middle East Studies. Upon graduation I am looking forward to attending law school due to my passion for law and legal rights issues. In the summer of 2022, I was fortunate enough to be a part of Duke University Law School's Pre-Law Fellowship. I learned so much valuable information about preparing for law school as well as the legal field. This past summer, I focused on studying for the LSAT.

I was raised in Charlotte, NC and am the oldest of 3 children. I have 2 younger brothers so I love spending time with when I am back at home. I love baking, traveling, going for walks, and spending time with family and friends in my free time. Some of my favorite movies include How to Lose a Guy in 10 days and Father of the Bride.