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Niamat Dhillon

MUJ '27

Buckle up your seat belts because I am going to tell you about myself. So, sit down and enjoy the experience of my 2 a.m. caffeine induced blabbering. Mentally stuck in the 1970s to 90s rock era, I laugh and joke all the time even if the conversation is dead serious and throw jokes like confetti. Every text I send has a "cat-on-keyboard" which y’all call a keysmash. I’m very proud of my lingo which everyone just keeps adapting but eh, iconic, I guess :P

I am that hyper kid who dances and sings all the time but in public will be so silent until I’m comfortable. Music is my whole personality- half the time I’m talking, just assume I’m quoting lyrics. My response to a single dopamine hit from a good song is listening to it until I have wrung out every last neurotransmitter out of it. I’m constantly making impulsive decisions out of boredom, such as starting my own magazine, but eh, they all turn out so swag. *chef’s kiss*

My personal work style is closer to spontaneous bursts of energy than organised and consistent efforts. Being from a quintessential fauji Punjabi family, I’m from everywhere and nowhere but I completed my schooling from Navy Children School, Mumbai and am pursuing my B.Tech. in CSE w/ DS at MUJ. My other goals are to finally get a license for Scuba Diving (which yes, I’m giving more importance than a driver’s license but can you blame me 🏃‍♀️).

Jokes apart, I sincerely hope you all like my work. Thank you for being here <3