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María Alicea Santos

UPR '25

María Isabel is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras and a new member of the Her Campus UPR chapter with the role of writer. Her topics of interest to write about are arts, movies, series and music.

She is studying in Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities with a specific interest in Theater and Language. Their main academic interest is to keep taking french classes, and learn more on the relationships between theater, movement and performance art. Another discipline they would major in is in Art History and Literature. Most of their work experience is related to theater as a member of the cast or the production team.

She is constantly looking for new opportunities to participate in theater productions and art related projects. In her free time she relaxes by watching movies and series, on Netflix or Disney Plus, reading, and looking for new experiences to share with their friends. Her favorite sitcom is New Girl, and she feels that most times she is a mix of Jess and Winston, and when she is stressed a raging Schmidt. She also listens to different podcasts on their daily drive to the university. Also, she enjoys writing short essays or monologues about their topics of interest.