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Maiya Shackelford


Hello everyone! My name is Maiya Sinclair Asia Onie Patrice S. In the mean time I will be going by M. Sinclair. It is the pen name I have chosen to write under. I am 22 years old and born on July 23rd, 1993 on the West Side of Chicago and I currently live in the suburbs. I love Chicago! There is no greater city! Yes I am a Leo!! It is one of my worst and BEST qualities. In my opinion and by conclusion based on others, I am a witty creative mind, with a pure genuine since of self. I am a little weird at times, but aren’t we all? I have just figured out that there are degrees of weirdness. I have an appreciation for art and wine respectively, no wonder why they go so well together!!  I am seriously musically inclined, meaning that I have played two instruments in my life I did color guard for six years. FYI: THIS IS DEFFINITELY A SPORT.) Aside from playing instruments I can also sing and dance. When I say I listen to music ALL day EVERY day, I mean it. Sometimes if I don’t listen to music I feel completely off. I have a wide range of listening choices; I love jazz classical all the way to show tunes and musicals and that includes everything in between. But my go to Pandora station is Erykah Badu. That station is definitely the truth. Music is a huge part of my life. I would like to believe that I am both smart and intelligent because in my opinion there is difference in having done well in institutionalized education (smart) and having the ability to apply the knowledge you gained in daily living (intelligence). I am pursuing a Journalism degree at Roosevelt University with a minor in African American Studies.  I chose my major because I genuinely feel like I have something meaningful and inspiring to share with the world. As a journalist I want my work to create conversation and provoke change. I promise to always uphold the truth to the best of my abilities. I will not create stories or issues just for views. Journalistic integrity is of the highest importance to me.  I hope that having a little insight into my life and mindset has intrigued you to want to keep reading. I hope you all enjoy them and can relate.