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Kaitlyn Truong Quach

TAMU '25

Kaitlyn is a new member of the Her Campus TAMU chapter. She looks forward to publishing articles, finding her writing style, expressing herself, and working with the PR committee this semester. As a member of the PR committee, she will be responsible for submitting t-shirt designs, writing press releases, helping organize brand events, and distributing merchandise. Overall, she hopes that her time with Her Campus TAMU will healthily challenge her as a writer and help her grow professionally.

She is a proud First-Generation college student and currently a Senior Public Health Major and English Minor. Her major and minor coursework have provided her with various forms of writing experience from poetry to policy briefs. Outside of Her Campus, she works part-time, is a student research assistant, and is a Hullabaloo U peer mentor.

Kaitlyn’s hobbies, in addition to writing, are listening to music, collecting CDs, watching movies and shows, reading, journaling, and arts & crafts. She is an introvert and life-long learner who values organization, diligence, optimism, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Some things that make her happy, in addition to her hobbies, include plumeria flowers, delicious food, quality time with friends and family, quiet time to herself, acts of kindness, and long walks.