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Faith Manchester

Geneseo '27

Born in 2005, Faith Manchester (She/they) has been a writer her whole life. Since the day she learned how to form a sentence they have always written. She writes many different types of pieces on many different topics. They still continue to change even now, as you will see. However, she usually writes here about society, and everyday life. She also writes about different things in pop culture from time to time.
She became even more enthralled with writing in middle and high school. They was in multiple writing contests and has had her creative writing published a few other times.
Faith is currently a psychology major, with minors in women and gender studies as well as ethics and values in society.
But writing is not the only thing they are interested in. In her free time they enjoy reading, art, archery and learning new hobbies. Faith also has enjoyed volunteering since she was 8 years old.