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…It’s definitely not perfect.

Nina Fichera

As a senior, I used Canvas for three years before Brightspace. I can understand why our school would switch to Brightspace, but I have to say that I really miss the organization in Canvas and how well the app worked in connection to it. I don’t really get that as much with Brightspace.

McKenna Kelly

As a current freshman, I have never used anything other than Brightspace for my college classes, so I hate less than my upperclassman peers and professors. However, I can still acknowledge that Brightspace f*cking sucks.

Faith Manchester

This is my second semester so I am not as educated on the alternatives. From what I have seen so far of Brightspace, it is bad for both educators and students alike. Most if not all of my professors have struggled to post on it as well as grade and do other things of that nature. On the student end it is a bit annoying how we get emails whenever a professor does anything, and if you have the app you get notified of due dates even if you have already done the assignment. I have heard others have more complaints but due to the fact that I already stated that I am a first year student I can not fully complain or compare it to anything else. Overall I think that there are good and bad things about it but the school should listen to staff and students and go back to another website. 

Nina Fichera is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Geneseo. She oversees meetings and writes about a variety of topics, such as music (especially K-Pop and Taylor Swift), her experiences as a hopeless romantic, what it's like for her as a writer, and other entertainment-based articles. Outside of Her Campus, Nina is currently a senior with a double major in English (with a Creative Writing concentration) and Adolescent Education (with an English concentration) as well as a minor in Human Development. She was the head fiction editor for the SUNY magazine Gandy Dancer in Spring 2023. In her free time, Nina adores writing to her heart's content, usually in the realm of fiction and fanfiction. She also loves cross-stitch, spending time with her friends, learning K-Pop dances, and reading.
McKenna Kelly

Geneseo '27

McKenna Kelly is a new Her Campus user from SUNY Geneseo. She is an undecided major, but is considering choosing history. She enjoys binge watching Grey's Anatomy in her free time.
Born in 2005, Faith Manchester (She/they) has been a writer her whole life. Since the day she learned how to form a sentence they have always written. She writes many different types of pieces on many different topics. They still continue to change even now, as you will see. However, she usually writes here about society, and everyday life. She also writes about different things in pop culture from time to time. She became even more enthralled with writing in middle and high school. They was in multiple writing contests and has had her creative writing published a few other times. Faith is currently a psychology major, with minors in women and gender studies as well as ethics and values in society. But writing is not the only thing they are interested in. In her free time they enjoy reading, art, archery and learning new hobbies. Faith also has enjoyed volunteering since she was 8 years old.