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Anaya Balkcom

DESU '26

Anaya Balkcom is a current sophomore attending Delaware State University, and pursuing a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Convergence Journalism. Prior to attending Delaware State University, Anaya graduated from The Ursuline High School where she was a member of the Female Empowering Voices Program. During this time Anaya was selected to represent her school in a CBS news special on the topic of New Rochelle Students inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris. It was at this time Anaya discovered her true passion found in the area of Mass Communications. From there, in Anaya’s senior year of high school, she explored different avenues in Mass Communication through an internship BronxNet Open 2.0 with BronxNet TV Station. During this internship Anaya created, hosted, edited, and programmed feature segments. Through this she gained exposure to the world of television and film. Upon entry into DSU, Anaya became a member of the campus radio station and composed articles for the campus newspaper. You can also find Anaya’s latest work in the media on Spotify, under the podcast titled “All in With Anaya Morgan.”