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Amber Brown

South Carolina '26

Amber is an editorial member of the Her Campus South Carolina chapter. She writes articles every month best directed at other females giving advice, reviews, and sharing her opinions on all things college, South Carolina, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Amber is a sophomore nursing student at the University of South Carolina from her home state of Maryland. She has a strong passion for helping children and infants so once she graduates with her BSN in the year 2026, she hopes to become a labor and delivery, pediatric, or NICU nurse in a hospital.

When Amber is not with Her Campus, she has many passions and hobbies. She loves taking hot yoga classes, and hopes to one day become an instructor herself, hiking scenic trails that end in an overlook view, baking and cooking new recipes, and traveling. She has been vegetarian for 9 years and is a huge advocate of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Amber is a huge movie fan, specifically those from the 80s and 90s, but she will always be up to date on the newest films in theatres. When the end of the year approaches and we have reached the fall and winter months, you will find many festive and seasonal articles from her as she loves to be in the spirit of the season.