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Cheap Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Around the holidays, there is always so much pressure of what to get the people you love. You want to show them that you care but you do not want to break the bank. Every year I struggle with coming up with the perfect gift. I always feel as though I have to one-up the present I got last year, but that is not true. The holidays are not about gifts and even the smallest thing shows you were thinking of them, and that is the true point. Below, I have compiled a list of gifts that will not break the bank this holiday season but people are still sure to love.

Gift Basket

Recently, I have gotten into making people gift baskets of all of their favorite things. This takes away the stress of choosing one perfect present but instead compiling many of their favorites into one. You can choose a theme, such as movies, animals, makeup, cooking/baking, etc, or you can go random and get them a bunch of things that do not match. The idea of this is to get a cute basket or bin and fill it up with a few small gifts. For example, if the recipient is a movie lover the basket could be filled with their favorite movie dvd, popcorn, candy, fuzzy socks, and hot cocoa. The possibilities of this gift are endless and can range in cost depending on the products chosen.


You can never go wrong with candles. I ask for and buy other people candles every year because there is nothing quite like lighting a candle on a cold winter day in pajamas. Candles have endless scents so you are sure to find one they like. These are not an expensive present but can vary in price depending on the location. Bath and Body Works has great candles but they are on the pricey side. My personal favorite is TJ Maxx. They have so many options that smell great and are no more than $10-12.


Clothes may be a controversial gift item because it is hard to choose a piece of clothing that someone else will like and fit in. However, I think clothes are a great gift especially when it is something you know the recipient has expressed great interest in. Clothes can add up, but getting them one new sweatshirt or dress can be cheap if you shop at the right places. Everyone loves having a new outfit!


Not everyone is a big board game or card game person, but if the recipient is then buying them a game is a great way to go. Games are often not too expensive and they can be fun for everyone once the gift has been opened. I personally love receiving games. One of the best experiences on Christmas for me is playing a new board game with my family.


If you are shopping for a reader, books are a definite. If they are not the biggest reader, the number of books are endless and you are sure to find a book they will love. I love giving books to people in my life who are readers. The look on their face when they read the back of a new book is amazing. Although new, hard-copy books can be on the more expensive side, overall, books are a good price and sure gift many will love.

The holidays can be stressful but at the end of the day, it is not about the present. It is about the memories made with our friends and family that day and it’s the thought that counts. Whether you give something small or large, they are sure to love it. The ideas above will help you give gifts while staying in a good price bracket this holiday season.

Amber Brown

South Carolina '26

Amber is an editorial member of the Her Campus South Carolina chapter. She writes articles every month best directed at other females giving advice, reviews, and sharing her opinions on all things college, South Carolina, entertainment, and lifestyle. Amber is a sophomore nursing student at the University of South Carolina from her home state of Maryland. She has a strong passion for helping children and infants so once she graduates with her BSN in the year 2026, she hopes to become a labor and delivery, pediatric, or NICU nurse in a hospital. When Amber is not with Her Campus, she has many passions and hobbies. She loves taking hot yoga classes, and hopes to one day become an instructor herself, hiking scenic trails that end in an overlook view, baking and cooking new recipes, and traveling. She has been vegetarian for 9 years and is a huge advocate of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Amber is a huge movie fan, specifically those from the 80s and 90s, but she will always be up to date on the newest films in theatres. When the end of the year approaches and we have reached the fall and winter months, you will find many festive and seasonal articles from her as she loves to be in the spirit of the season.