• The Importance of Me Time

    We shouldn’t have to sacrifice ourselves to do everything we want to. We need to have a little bit of me time every once in awhile, especially with midterms knocking at our front door.

  • Favorite Drugstore Beauty Buys

    While I someday wish to live in a world where all of my makeup comes from Sephora, Mac or the Nordstrom beauty counter, my current college student budget can barely afford makeup from the dollar store.

  • Tejaswini Gupta: A Woman in Leadership

    I think that being a woman in leadership is being more and more appreciated as time goes on. I think that being a woman has helped me a little bit in all these roles because it’s given me perspective that’s different than another person might think.

  • Enough with the Social Media Body Challenges

    In no way shape or form, does being able to perform these challenges successfully mean anything about your level of beauty or desirableness. If you attempt the challenge and aren’t successful, you’re not alone.

  • A Collegiette's Unofficial Guide to Periods

    You can’t steal pads from your mom’s bathroom when you run out. No more hanging out in the high school dean’s office when your cramps get bad. Living off campus might mean you could unpredictably go all day without having the chance to stop at home for more tampons or ibuprofen. Have no fear - we have some advice to make sure your monthly gift doesn’t slow you down.

  • An Open Letter to the Guy Who Harassed Me at the Gym

    I’m not here for your pleasure. I work out because I love my body and I want to take care of it. I dress the way I do because I love my clothes and I want to wear them. I live the life that I do because I love myself, and because I want to. There is no part of me, or anyone else, that exists for your benefit.

  • Passion & Perseverance: Pang Yang

    She looks great on paper, but in person, she’ll blow you away even more with her infectious smile and her passion for uplifting others.

  • Letter from the Editor: October 2016

    How can we do better? What perspectives aren’t being represented here, and why? And most importantly, moving forward, how will we combat this issue to create a space that’s more inclusive and representative of the University of Minnesota student body?

  • Why It's Okay to Transfer

    Growing up, I always had my one dream college, but by the time my junior year hit I realized that that particular school wasn’t the right...

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