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Advice for Single Girls on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is either the best day in February or the worst, depending on your current relationship status. As someone who has never had an S.O on Valentine’s Day I feel like an expert on this topic. So here’s my advice if you’re struggling to get through the holiday.

Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples!

If we’re being historically accurate, Valentine’s Day origins mostly center around the idea of sharing your love with friends and family. This year I challenge you to show the important people in your life how much you love them. Call your mom, give a little gift to your BFF or do a random act of kindness.

Spend the day treating yourself.

There’s no one more important in this world to love more than yourself. Do something that makes you happy like grabbing lunch at your favorite restaurant or staying in with Netflix and movies featuring your celebrity crush. If you’re someone that needs an excuse to treat yourself, today’s the perfect time to do it.

Don’t be negative.

As someone who is a little more pessimistic than I care to admit, I understand how this would be difficult. But Valentine’s Day is just one day, don’t let these 24 hours make you believe that you’ll be single forever.

Don’t stress about the future.

I know this one is hard too, but one of the most significant things I’ve ever heard is “You can’t find love - love finds you”. If you’re out on the dating scene and nothing seems to feel right remember that most people fall in love unexpectedly. Again, Valentine’s Day is just one day, love might not come knocking at your door today, but you never know what could happen tomorrow.

Take advantage of the Valentine’s Day deals.

If you have a guilty pleasure for chocolate head to the nearest Target and swipe up those 75% off deals. Even better, grab a friend and go out to one of the many restaurant discounts happening around campus.

Feel grateful that you don’t have to deal with drama.

There’s a lot of hype around Valentine’s Day, especially for couples. For a lot of couples the unreasonably high expectations cause problems and end up spoiling the entire day. You can at least be a little happy that you don’t have to deal with the drama and just chill out.

Remember your worth.

It can be easy to define yourself based on your relationship status. Remember that an S.O. doesn’t define you. You are beautiful, strong and worthy of love. I’m going to say it again, YOU ARE WORTHY OF ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD. Your time will come, it might be annoying now but someone is going to be so lucky to have met you. Trust me, good things take time, so take the time you have as a single lady to love yourself and recognize all the ways you are amazing.


Take this Valentine’s Day to spread the love to your family, your friends and most importantly yourself.


Jillian McMahan

Minnesota '19

Jillian McMahan is a senior studying child psychology at the University of Minnesota. She aspires to one day be the Leslie Knope of her workplace. 
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