• Justice League Review

    Justice League was perhaps doomed before the film was even announced. Due to polarizing and critically panning reviews of Batman V Superman...

  • The Florida Project Review

    The Florida Project is the second film in Director Sean Baker's young career. It's a film that tackles a poverty stricken outskirt of...

  • This Week's Funniest Tweets

    Laughing is good. The current state of society is not. Laughing at it every once and a while could do us all some good. Our favorite site,...

  • It's Time to Stop Major Shaming

    Not familiar with major shaming? It is all those times someone says "Oh you're a communications major? Your classes must be so easy," or...

  • Campus Celebrity: Nick Khraufeh

    Read more about Nicholas Kharufeh, a Business Management major, who is eager to reach the skies and finish his college degree to take over the family business.

  • Why I Love La Verne

    1. Size: With approximately 2800 students, La Verne's classes average at 16 people. When I imagined college, I pictured a huge lecture hall...

  • Fall Essentials

    The time is finally here. California's fall weather arrived in early November. Time to grab your fall essentials!
  • My New Obsession: Tpumps

    I’m always on the hunt for local places to try new food, drink great drinks and have a good time. My new obsession is Tpumps. I’m a little...

  • Stress Free Cooking with Blue Apron

    Having amazing meals delivered to your door is basically a dream come true. Skipping grocery store lines, picking meals from the comfort of...

  • Three Tips to Manage Stress

    It is midterm week and there is 6 weeks left of school. Let's be honest - this is the time you rush to cram for tests and study past your...

  • Ways to Get Organized

    If you're anything like me, your life can be quite messy (in all aspects), especially if you have an extremely packed up schedule. My advice? Here's some tips on organization in order to keep you from stressing more than you should be.

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