• I Did What I Had To Do

    Now that my case against Declo High School (DHS) and the Cassia County School District (CCSD) has FINALLY come to an end , I would like to...

  • The Importance of Voting

    One of the most pressing events going on right now in America is the presidential election. On November 8th, 2016, millions of Americans...

  • Lessons on Being Green in Denmark


    To say that studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience is an understatement. I am truly blessed with the opportunity to study and live in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Studying abroad has completely transformed so many aspects of my life that I never thought could be transformed. I have began to question parts of my identity like what does it mean to be an “American”?

  • Campus Partaay

    Bryn Mawr College
    United States

    It was a great way to kick off the weekend and to celebrate the end of a hectic week for many.

  • Reflecting On A School Shooting

    On September 8, a girl was shot in the hip at the local high school in the town I grew up in. The shooter passed away shortly after from a...

  • A Guide to Getting Lost

    On August 22nd, 2016, I picked up my two giant suitcases from Carousel 6 in Philadelphia International Airport. I was about to head to Bryn...

  • Meet Samantha Grosberger!

    Samantha Grosberger is a fellow HerCampus member and first year who lives down the hall from me so I decided to get to know her! You can,...

  • Another Epic Mawrter

    If you want a complete Bryn Mawr experience, you need to meet Claire McLeish! A senior who is finishing up her last semester, she is one of...

  • Stylin with Eyeliner

    So it's the week after Spring Break and all of us are wishing the Time Turner from Harry Potter or the watch from Clockstoppers actually...

  • Work Problems

    I can jam to a song about work but I can't bring myself to do it.jpg

  • Get to know Rachel Terry!

    Meet Rachel Terry! She is sophomore and is super hard to miss--her laugh and smile are contagious and literally glides around campus. She...

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