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College is a stressful time. During the school year, we run around campus like there’s no tomorrow, often not sleeping enough and eating a pretty poor diet. And although we feel invincible, neglecting our health for too long can eventually weaken our immune system to the point that we catch any bug going around. Luckily, HC is here to help you fight them! We asked health experts about some of the most common diseases on college campuses, and they offered their advice for how to avoid them in the first place. 1. Meningitis What it is There are many types of meningitis. The term refers to “an...
Girls want them. Boys drool over them. Magazines worship them. Big boobs are kind of a big deal, and their reign shows no signs of deflating anytime soon. In this cleavage-obsessed society, bigger certainly seems to be better.   But for busty collegiettes like Megan Sweet, a junior at Michigan State University, having big bra buddies isn't all that it's made out to be. In fact, it can be downright suffocating; having big girls can be a pretty weighty problem. Glamorous bra shopping? Forget it. Boyfriends lined up at the door? Only if you like being objectified all day, every day. Running...
From the moment you got accepted to college, people started telling you about the infamous Freshman 15. As if graduating high school wasn’t stressful enough, you were bombarded with horror stories of packing on weight once you move away from home. Fast-forward to freshman year: you’ve managed to avoid greasy dining-hall pizza and have pushed yourself to make the trek to the gym a few times a week, but you look in the mirror and can’t help but notice that your jeans are significantly more snug than usual. What’s the deal? What’s normal and what isn’t? The usual suspects