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Tiffy Howell

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Campus Celeb: Colleen Fagan 15'

Hometown: Milford, PA Class Year: 2015 Major: B.S. Biology, molecular biology concentration; Math, physics, chemistry, philosophy minors Zodiac Sign: Capricorn   Clubs affiliated with: Student Government Association President, Outing Club, Nelligan RA, Student Ambassador   What do you love about being president of SGA? How's the staff? - My favorite part about SGA this year has to be the excitement within our amazing group of students we have on board! We have a lot of goals and ideas for this school year that could really bring some positive improvement to campus and we wouldn't be able to do any of it without the current staff. I really enjoy working with not only our SGA members, but also the Le Moyne student organizations, staff, faculty, administration and Board members. The support they give students makes being the president of SGA one of my favorite parts of being here. I really enjoy speaking with students and getting their feedback about Le Moyne and what they wish to see, since our job is to relay that information and make those changes.      What do you hope to do on campus? Any upcoming events?

Senior Stress


It’s finally senior year. This is the time majority of us were waiting for to either show off what we accomplished or just to get out of school and don’t have to deal with it again. It is the time for some people to grow up, seek their dream job, start their career or prepare go to graduate school. For others, at this is point, its make or break it for lifelong friends. Life is just beginning when you became a senior; forget becoming legal to drink, you will have rent, loans, and necessities that have to be paid after you graduate.

1.     We are happy to leave.

When we were freshmens, we became so accustomed to the college life we had a lot of fun with friends and then we started our complaints about college. The fun brings out the best in you and you made friends for life, but the complaining about things brings the negativity to your school but who hasn’t done it. Sometimes complaining about things caused you to gain friends because they were complaining too! You probably said at one point as a freshman, “I can’t wait to get out of this school” and that became your motivation to finish without even thinking about it. So now that you’re a senior, it's finally here your wish is almost coming true. 

2,  Loans, Loans, Loans… Debt!

Campus Celeb: Lydia Agyepong



Campus Celeb: Lydia Agyepong

Lydia Agyepong is Ghanaian- American, born and raised in Manhattan, New York. Her parents were born and raised in Ghana.  Lydia is currently a Resident Advisor of St. Mary’s, friends to many and Junior majoring in Biology with the anticipation of perusing a career in medicine. She introduced a new club to Jesuit campus called K-otic Activity. There are two reasons why Lydia decided to start K-otic Activity. The first reason, in her exact words, was “I have always had a special place in my heart for dance”. The second reason was that Lydia didn’t want to leave campus without leaving her own mark that she can call her own. So for Lydia, her way of achieving this goal was “by doing something [she] loves and something that almost everyone can relate to.”

Lydia said “K-otic Activity is all about being...chaotic! The club was designed to draw in a community that was centered around sharing the passion of dance and expressing styles of dance that Le Moyne's campus may not be accustomed to. My expectations of this group are to raise the bar in the uniqueness of performances and break down self-restricting comfort zones.”

The name of her fabulous and exciting group is an expression of the actual dynamic of the group. “K-otic does not focus itself around one style of dance; we literally do anything and everything we feel is right.” K-otic Activity consists of a combination of Spanish dance, hip-hop, Caribbean dance, and contemporary and is welcoming anyone to join. “We put no limits on what we perform, that's why we are known as K-otic Activity.”

Best Halloween Costumes on Girls


It's October!! Yay! Costume time!! It's time to find one scary or sexy devious costume that would have the whole school talking until next year. However there's a problem... it is hard to find a really good costume, one that you would not see anyone else wearing or possibly heard of. Let's face it, sometimes we find a good costume and the whole night is blown by that one person who has the some exact costume as yours.YIKES! Your whole night could potentially be runied.We call those people copy-cats, to be nice, or HATERS, to be honest.

Well there's nothing you can really do but dig deep for cool ideas and possible alter the costume with another. Let's get real someone will always have the same costume somewhere else. But you can still look your best among the people around so here are a few ideas I would glady share with you for good costumes on girls.

1. Adult Jesterina

If you love Harley Quinn from Batman, the Jesterina is a great shadow costume. It's basically the same idea of Harley Quinn with the black and red colors but think of Batman in the Madevil Ages... Or close to it. The coolest Jesterina costume is found at Party City for $49.99...

2. Wednesday Aadams

Double Campus Cuties: Deborah Allen-Carr’15 & Kemar Morrison’ 15



Deborah Allen-Carr’15

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Major and concentration: Chemistry, Environmental Science Systems

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Relationship Status: “Happily single”

Celebrity Idol: “Michael Jackson & Bob Marley”

Nickname: “Debo”

What you like about LMC? “The HEOP program”

Favorite food: “Samosa”

Three things people don’t know about you? “Introvert, I’m pro-nudity! I like acting too”

What do you like to do on the weekends? “Alone time or chilling with the goons”

If you won a millions, what would you do with it? “Support my family, travel to Africa and South America and give financial support to educational and environmental sustainability facilities”

What was the last song you listened to? “How am I Supposed to Die- Civil twilight”

What was last movie you saw?  “Identity Theft! Just last night!”

Favorite Show: “Supernatural”

Alicia Keys or Estelle? “Estelle”

Favorite quote?  “Be like water, my friend”- Bruce Lee

What clubs are you in? “RHA, Dolphin Step team, Tae Kwon Do, W.A.G.E, Religion Academy, Amnesty International”

Which class you hate the most? ‘None”

If you have to travel anywhere (for free) who would you take? “My close family”

What advice would you give to the girls on campus? “Who run the world? act like it!”


Name: Kemar Morrison’ 15

Hometown: Bronx, NY


Major and concentration: Bioengineering

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Celebrity Idol: Will Smith

Nickname: Kam

What you like about LMC? The people

Favorite food: Pizza

Nail Art: Spring Time Edition!



It is time once again for nail art, spring time edition. These spring nails are quick, fast, and easy to do.  It’s also great in preparing to go home for Spring Break as well as Easter Break. You can paint your nails or paint your friends'. So get your nail polish and dotting tools ready, because it’s nail time.


Monarch Butterfly Nail

In appreciation of the famous Monarch Butterfly, you can now have their beautiful wings on your nails.

Materials Needed: Clear base coat nail polish, Orange nail polish, Black nail Polish, White nail polish(polish brands are not limited, viewers can use whatever brand nail polish they want), and a dotting tool. *for those who do not know what is a dotting tools or want to make one can reference my past nail art videos or click the link at the bottom of the page*

Step 1: Use the base coat to protect your natural nails. Then paint over them with the orange nail polish.                                                                                                      

Step 2: Next, use the black nail polish and create a diagonal swipe on the tip.                 

Step 3: Start at the cubicle of your nails and paint a curved line.                                          

Step 4: Then, create four lines from the curved line to the diagonal on the tip. Go over all the black lines to make sure they’re nice and bold.                                          

Step 5: Now, curve the area where the black tip meet the four lines.                              

Spring Time Makeup


Spring is the calmest season the year. The window curtains are open, the birds are singing and the best time to hang out with friends or loved ones. But how to show this rejoice spring feeling? A change of lighter clothes and hair is easy to do, but how about your make up? Well, it’s time to get rid of those dark colored makeup and brighten your face with some lovely spring colors to bring out the natural, beautiful you!

Pink and Peachy eyes

Pink and peach colors are one way to brighten your looks and are beautiful, natural looking colors to wear.

Materials needed: MAC eye shadow “Free to be” bright coral eye shadow (pink peach color), eye shadow primer, MAC eye shadow “Hush” light pink eye shadow, MAC eye shadow “Shadow Lady” an eggplant (deep purple) eye shadow,  MAC “Soft brown” light brown eye shadow, Black Liquid eyeliner, Black Pencil eyeliner, Mascara, False lashes.

*Viewers are not subjected into buy the exact brand on this tutorial, they may use whatever brand they are comfortable with*

Video “Spring Time Makeup Tutorial, Pink Peach Makeup Look” by bridgetsidway

Don't Become an Ex for X-Mas



411 on Holiday Nail Art



It's time to put away those dark orange and brown Halloween and Thanksgiving nail polish and bring out the bright red, yellow, and green nail polish because it’s time for Christmas nail art. There many Christmas nail art besides the regular old red and white stripes for that old candy cane look. Here are a few along with video links, visual instructions and materials.   Snowflake Nails

Celeb Look-A-Like


There so many inspiring and adorn female celebrities out there that we love so much and sometimes wish to be in there shoes. However, not every girl can get their wish of being rich and famous like there celebrity idol. But they can at least be like them for probably a few hours and can be repeated day after day. “How,” you ask? Simple just by follow make up tutorial to get that beautiful look just like your celebrity idol with video tutorial, written instructions and materials used. *You are not subjected to use the exact materials used*

Audrey Hepburn


Materials used: Chanel Mat Lumiere, MAC Studio finish concealer, MAC Brules eye shadow, Too Faced - Pixie perfect palette, e.l.f gel liner, Collection 2000 big fake lash mascara, Revlon false lashes, Shu Uemura H9 Brow pencil, Laura Mercier brow palette – Ash, MAC fresh cream pencil, MAC Matte Bronze, MAC Sublime Culture, Too Faced - Totally nude lipstick, and YSL - lip-gloss, Bourjois Mineral Radiance #4 Beige Medium.


Steps: 1. First, start with the Chanel Mat Lumiere and apply it all over the face

2. Next, use the MAC Studio finish concealer to cover below the eye and a little bit around the nose area.

3. Then use MAC Brules eye shadow and over the eyelids

4. Next, use Too Faced - Pixie perfect White/Ivory eye shadow as a base color and apply to eyelids