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Savannah Reiff

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Top 10 moments from The Bachelor this week


This week, the girls and Juan Pablo leave California and travel somewhere new. Juan Pablo decides that he has already kissed six girls and should stop and no one was pleased. With that in mind, this is what happened this week on The Bachelor.

1. Juan and the ladies go to Seoul, South Korea. Of course he doesn’t fly over with them, he will meet them there. Hah.

2. Six of the girls were chosen to learn a k-pop dance. I assume they were very pleased to be spending the group date with five other girls teaching them to dance.

3. Sharleen is basically playing “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” yet still she is Juan Pablo’s favorite. She also tells him that he is “not bland.”

4. Lauren cries because Juan Pablo wouldn’t kiss her and Kelly can’t stop smiling because of it.

5. Kelly also shows how hilarious she is this episode (and mean, but still hilarious).

6. Juan Pablo decides his “no kissing the girls tonight” rule does not apply to Clare.

7. Andi and Juan Pablo show they have an awesome sarcastic connection and she gets the group date rose.

8. Juan Pablo asking Nikki if there was any “trouble in the house” causes some trouble in the house.

9. Elise makes snide comments about the other girls being ugly inside after she is kicked off. Lauren also leaves but everyone pretty much knew that was going to happen after trying to force Juan Pablo to kiss her.

Top Ten Moments From the Bachelor This Week


For all of you that don’t have two hours to kill watching people make fools of themselves on reality television on a Monday night, do not fret. I have once again composed a list of the top moments from this Monday's episode, enjoy!

Top Ten Moments From the Bachelor This Week


This season’s bachelor is Juan Pablo and women everywhere, myself included, could not be more excited. Besides the fact that he is incredibly good looking and exceptionally cute with his daughter, he actually seems like a nice guy. Throughout the episodes you see him comforting the girls and trying to find a good role model for his daugher: basically being everything a woman wants. While there was plenty of drama and exciting things on this last episode, here are the top ten moments that stood out.


Juan Pablo and Clare made out in bathing suits in the snow and made us all uncomfortable with their dancing.

Kat proved her potential by dancing her way through an Electric Run.

Elise switched her practically naked costume for a photoshoot with “Free Spirit” Lucy who had a giant fire hydrant costume. Then Elise complained about being in a giant fire hydrant costume.

“Dog Lover” Kelly got made up as a dog for the photoshoot and looked nothing like any dog I have ever seen.

Andi became everyone’s favorite again when she and Juan Pablo talked about being uncomfortable posing for the photoshoot naked.

“Free Spirit” Lucy took one of the dogs for a walk around the block completely naked, and got honked at by many passersby.

Easy as Pie Desserts to Make Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love a holiday that involves spending time with your family, eating way too much delicious food, and having it socially acceptable to go to bed at 9pm. This year, help out your family with the cooking and whip up one of these delectable desserts.

Pumpkin Pie

You can never go wrong with a classic pumpkin pie in the fall. This is a fairly simple recipe and a great way to get in to the holiday spirit.


Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

What is better than the classic pumpkin pie? Chocolate pumpkin pie! Almost every pie can be made better by adding chocolate and pumpkin pie is no exception

Mini Chocolate Almond Butter Pie

If you want something a little lighter this holiday, try these mini pies. They are cute and you can eat like 10 and pretend it only counts as one slice of pie, sounds pretty good to me.

DIY Crafts To Spice Up Your Dorm Room


Living in a dorm room in college can be…interesting. Besides the constant pressure to get along with your roommates to avoid war and drama there’s also the insatiable need to make your room livable. Sure, Northeastern may give you the basic furniture you need to sleep and store your stuff but it takes more than an extra-long twin mattress and some unmatched furniture to make a room comfortable and enjoyable. Below are some quick and easy craft ideas anyone can do to make their dorm room more colorful and exciting!

Boston Summer Bucket List


Northeastern campus seems to slow down quite a bit in the summer giving you the extra push you need to go explore the great city you live in. Whether it is your first or your last summer in Boston, there is always something going on or some place to visit. Check out some of our favorite things to do here in the summer and be sure to let us know if you have any we missed!


Creative Ways to Show Your Baseball Spirit


Baseball is officially back, and after five long months of suffering through basketball, football, and hockey games on tv, I can now once again get my (almost) nightly entertainment of watching baseball and cheering on my favorite players. Being a born and raised San Francisco Giants fan in Boston, I love cheering on both the Giants and Red Sox, who thankfully don’t play each other very often. While going to actual games and watching the teams play is definitely the best way to support your favorite team, many collegiettes don’t have the budget or proximity to be able to do so. Instead, try out these ways to support your team as you watch the games on TV or for all of you non-East Coasters out there.


1. Clothing: If you don’t want to have the same jersey t-shirts as everyone else, stores like Target, Marshalls and Victoria’s Secret also offer their own baseball clothing accessories. If you want something more unique, try searching Etsy for handmade items like jewelry or hand-painted shoes with your team’s colors or logo. Feeling crafty? Get some fabric paint and a plain t-shirt to make your own baseball shirt or turn a baseball into a bracelet.

Tips For Spring Cleaning



Spring is in the air, the sun has finally come out, and it’s time to freshen things up. Cleaning isn’t always the most exciting activity, however there are so many benefits of spring cleaning, even if you just spend one hour doing it, you will feel so much better.


Benefits of spring cleaning:

1. Everything will be clean (obviously).

2. With everything clean, you will feel happier.

3. You can turn it into a workout instead of going to the gym.

4. If you are procrastinating, you will feel better procrastinating by cleaning rather than spending hours on Netflix (but you can also watch Netflix while you clean).

5. You might find things you forgot you had, like that sweater hidden in the back of your closet that’s perfect for spring.

6. Once you are done cleaning, it will be much easier for you to reorganize things, redecorate your dorm, or to change the layout of your room!


With all of these reasons to do even just a little spring cleaning, go ahead and start by opening a window to air out the rooms, light a candle, and put on your favorite upbeat music. I've compiled a few suggestions on how to clean each room and what needs attention. When you have finished, I recommend going out and buying your favorite spring colored flowers to display in your newly cleaned room!

Celebrate Pi Day With Pie


As a math major, I love all types of pi(e). With 3/14 being today, you couldn’t ask for a better excuse to make and consume one of these delicious pies. Instead of ignoring the day because you hate math and everything related to numbers just add an “e” to the word and you will forget all about math. Bonus points if you actually like math and eat one of these at 1:59 pm this Thursday! So while you will probably want to avoid me on Pi Day with my “I <3 Math” shirt and song lyrics from Bye Bye Bye changed to Pi Pi Pi, check out these recipes and stay inside baking to lessen the likelihood of having to listen to my singing of “3.1415926535...”

1. Chocolate Cream Pie: Chocolate pie is always a good option and can rarely go wrong. This week is generally the week we all get our midterm grades back so either celebrate or console yourself with this yummy chocolate pie.


2. No Bake Key Lime Pie: Wishing you were still on spring break sitting somewhere in the sun when there is still snow on the ground in Boston? This key lime pie will take you to that island somewhere far away.


3. Irish Whiskey Pie:Excited for Pi Day AND St. Patrick’s Day? This pie is a two in one for both holidays so break out the whiskey and start baking!

Sarah Sanchez


Name: Sarah Sanchez
Hometown: Newton, MA
Major: Civil Engineering & Environmental Science

What made you join HEAT?

I joined HEAT because I was interested in sustainability: learning more about it, how to live more sustainably myself, how to bring those ideals to my campus, how to get involved with the things that I was really passionate about, and to meet others who had similar interests! I was inspired by the way the students in HEAT were so committed to sustainability in their own lives and how they are making real changes for the better on our campus.

I've been hearing a lot about sustainability on campus now. Can you tell me a little about it?
Some of our on-going and annual HEAT sustainability programs include Trash2Treasure, Do It In the Dark (an energy saving competition between the freshman residence halls), and the garden plot in the Fenway Victory Gardens. Other current sustainability initiatives on campus include attaining a 1:1 ratio with recycling bins and trash receptacles and educating NU students, faculty, and staff on proper recycling and composting practices. Last month, we held a Sustainability Symposium- a collaborative effort by Facilities, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Dining Services, SGA and HEAT. All of these groups were given the opportunity to talk about their sustainability initiatives and progress in a forum where anyone from the Northeastern community could come and learn about what’s going on at our school.