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Top Ten Moments From the Bachelor This Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

This season’s bachelor is Juan Pablo and women everywhere, myself included, could not be more excited. Besides the fact that he is incredibly good looking and exceptionally cute with his daughter, he actually seems like a nice guy. Throughout the episodes you see him comforting the girls and trying to find a good role model for his daugher: basically being everything a woman wants. While there was plenty of drama and exciting things on this last episode, here are the top ten moments that stood out.


  1. Juan Pablo and Clare made out in bathing suits in the snow and made us all uncomfortable with their dancing.
  2. Kat proved her potential by dancing her way through an Electric Run.

  3. Elise switched her practically naked costume for a photoshoot with “Free Spirit” Lucy who had a giant fire hydrant costume. Then Elise complained about being in a giant fire hydrant costume.

  4. “Dog Lover” Kelly got made up as a dog for the photoshoot and looked nothing like any dog I have ever seen.

  5. Andi became everyone’s favorite again when she and Juan Pablo talked about being uncomfortable posing for the photoshoot naked.

  6. “Free Spirit” Lucy took one of the dogs for a walk around the block completely naked, and got honked at by many passersby.

  7. Victoria got white girl wasted, twerked in the hot tub alone, and yelled/cried in the bathroom about how she hates Juan Pablo.

  8. Juan Pablo was super classy about how he told Victoria to go home and how he explained it to the other girls.

  9. Amy did some cheesy tv reporter interview with Juan Pablo and rightfully got sent home later at the rose ceremony. (Chantal was the third woman sent home this episode).

  10. There was an M&M commercial with Juan Pablo in it. If every woman across the country was not already obsessed with him, they are now.

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Melanie Dostis is a journalism major at Northeastern University. She has been involved with Her Campus since her sophomore year, being elected co-correspondent her junior year- a position she is thrilled to continue in her last year. She lives a writing-filled life and wouldn't have it any other way. She is currently interning at Boston Magazine and is a correspondent for the Boston Globe and USA Today. She can usually be found back in her home-roots of wonderful New York on weekends, exploring her second home in Boston, or often back in her family roots of Ecuador, gorging on massive amounts of Hispanic dishes....Follow her on Twitter @MelDostis. HCXO!