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Top 10 moments from The Bachelor this week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

This week, the girls and Juan Pablo leave California and travel somewhere new. Juan Pablo decides that he has already kissed six girls and should stop and no one was pleased. With that in mind, this is what happened this week on The Bachelor.

1. Juan and the ladies go to Seoul, South Korea. Of course he doesn’t fly over with them, he will meet them there. Hah.

2. Six of the girls were chosen to learn a k-pop dance. I assume they were very pleased to be spending the group date with five other girls teaching them to dance.

3. Sharleen is basically playing “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” yet still she is Juan Pablo’s favorite. She also tells him that he is “not bland.”

4. Lauren cries because Juan Pablo wouldn’t kiss her and Kelly can’t stop smiling because of it.

5. Kelly also shows how hilarious she is this episode (and mean, but still hilarious).

6. Juan Pablo decides his “no kissing the girls tonight” rule does not apply to Clare.

7. Andi and Juan Pablo show they have an awesome sarcastic connection and she gets the group date rose.

8. Juan Pablo asking Nikki if there was any “trouble in the house” causes some trouble in the house.

9. Elise makes snide comments about the other girls being ugly inside after she is kicked off. Lauren also leaves but everyone pretty much knew that was going to happen after trying to force Juan Pablo to kiss her.

10. Biggest questions! What happened to Kelly’s dog when they went to South Korea?!?!

Join us next week as we watch Juan Pablo and the girls travel to Vietnam!


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