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Top Ten Moments From the Bachelor This Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

For all of you that don’t have two hours to kill watching people make fools of themselves on reality television on a Monday night, do not fret. I have once again composed a list of the top moments from this Monday’s episode, enjoy!

  1. Juan Pablo and Cassandra made dinner together and it was adorable. Then Juan Pablo made every woman swoon when he showed Cassandra how to salsa.
  2. Cassandra stated about 50 times that it has been years since her last first date. We get it.
  3. Elise freaked out when she didn’t get a date card and glared at Chelsie who did get the card. I would assume the glare actually occurred for 10 minutes but the cameraman got bored and moved on after about 30 seconds…
  4. All the girls watched Juan Pablo kiss Sharleen in the middle of the soccer field and were pissed. Guess he should have listened to Sean’s advice about not letting the other girls see you kiss. This kiss is also up for grabs as the most awkward kiss ever, even worse than Sean’s record breaking length kiss on televsion.
  5. Elise keeps saying that Chelsie is “like a baby” and “like a little girl” because of her age while assuring all viewers she is still bitter about not getting that date card. (Fun fact: Elise is 27 and Chelsie is 25 making Chelsie still older than quite a few girls Elise is complaining about her being young to.)
  6. Juan Pablo spent half of the episode trying to calm various girls down.
  7. Juan Pablo showed off his cooking skills once again by surprising the girls with a homemade breakfast. Plenty of girls were upset they walked downstairs with no makeup before realizing he was there.
  8. Everyone complained about Kat being all over Juan Pablo with 14 other girls around at the pool party. Kat’s rose acceptance at the ceremony received many snarky comments and glares from other girls.
  9. Sharleen is still trying to get over the fact that Juan Pablo is dating all the other girls too. This is the 18th season of The Bachelor, not to mention there have been 9 seasons of The Bachelorette, it’s not like things have changed in the past 12 years! Get over it!
  10. Lucy went home and we never got to find out what she does as a “free spirit” and may never know. (Christy also went home).
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Melanie Dostis is a journalism major at Northeastern University. She has been involved with Her Campus since her sophomore year, being elected co-correspondent her junior year- a position she is thrilled to continue in her last year. She lives a writing-filled life and wouldn't have it any other way. She is currently interning at Boston Magazine and is a correspondent for the Boston Globe and USA Today. She can usually be found back in her home-roots of wonderful New York on weekends, exploring her second home in Boston, or often back in her family roots of Ecuador, gorging on massive amounts of Hispanic dishes....Follow her on Twitter @MelDostis. HCXO!