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Marissa Villegas

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My Life is GrUV: How to Win in the Game of Life


You just told your professor that you’d go to her office hours today, got lured into signing up for a new club with some free candy at the student center, made a lunch date with your roommate and still have to find the time to look halfway decent for work.


Let’s not even begin to think about the astronomy exam, which you’ve deemed to be impossible, that is creeping up in your agenda. And we can chat later about that fifteen page paper that you have due in a couple of days…although you did make the most of that 3-hour library session with those two thought-provoking paragraphs you wrote.

College may as well be synonymous to a juggling act and, for the most part, feels like a sick joke. Joining clubs, networking, staying involved with student government, being an activist, volunteering, exercising, working part-time…who has time for an actual life? I used to stare off into the green at all of the slack-liners and daydreamers with jealousy. I hate you all. I hate you all. *takes nervous sip of coffee* I hate you all. I felt as though I either sacrificed my social life to get a heightened experience outside of the classroom or chose to give it all up and surrender to Netflix.

But if there’s a will, there certainly is a way! It’s all about finding some sort of balance and understanding that breaks are what keep your brain from turning to mush. Once I graduated from UVM, I was able to take a few steps back and devise a plan to get my stuff together.

So, first thing’s first: Never skimp on your sleep.

Ebola: Fact vs. Fiction


If it isn’t the disease you’ll catch, it’s the wind of Ebola in the media. No matter where you turn, it’s as though you can’t escape the grips of the tantalizing virus. News reports flash left and right, new data pops up every second and another story floods social media. Sadly enough, most of these are in regards to Ebola in America, rather than Africa, and result in fear or disgust.

So let’s set the story straight: your chances of getting Ebola in America are miniscule when compared to areas in Africa. According to the Boston Globe, “If you live in the US your worry-level should be quite low. Ebola doesn’t have the disease profile to spread in a place with reasonable medical resources.” In the midst of facing this epidemic, the most important thing that we can do is keep ourselves as educated as possible.


      With that being said, let’s all take a deep breath and consider the facts with these cases:

       The news just reported an Ebola case that’s somewhat, sort of, kind of close to you.

You think: I’m going to get infected; I know it – time to break out the HAZMAT suit!

In reality: Ebola virus is not spread through casual contact, air, water, or food grown or legally purchased in the United States


Ebola is contracted through direct contact with:

Body fluids of a person who is sick with or has died from Ebola. (blood, vomit, urine, feces, swear, semen, spit, other fluids)

Objects contaminated with the virus (needles, medical equipment

Infected animals (by contact with blood or fluids or infected meat

The disease is still spreading like wildfire in Africa, and now more cases are appearing outside of the reported case in your town.

Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit


Nothing wins our hearts over quiet like a care package full of goodies to overindulge in! Thanks to Her Campus and their partners, we were able to try out a good amount of awesome products that keep us feeling (and looking) great every day! From filtered water bottles, to a new drink to help you sleep, we tried them all so you can love them as much as we did!

Who ever thought a person could fall in love with a water bottle? The Bobble filter water bottle is the perfect way to get delicious, clean water when you want it! Another plus? It's awesome for those hardcore cardio sessions when drinking out of a Nalgene is near impossible -- We all know the "that's not water I splashed all over my shirt, that's my sweat" excuse.

After I finished my intense cardio session, I hopped in the shower with ZOTO's Biotera Ultra Color Care conditioner. The paraben-free formula helps out dry and damaged hair (much needed after the winter we've had). Without adding weight, Biotera kept my hair feeling smooth and healthy all day. And talk about smooth! Tresemmé's 7 Day Keratin Smooth System had me running my fingers through my hair. As a set of 3, the starter set makes you feel like you just stepped out of the salon.

Tiffani Hemcher


I joined Free to Be during my first semester! I loved how comfortable I felt in the group and how friendly everybody was. I wanted to be a more involved part in the club, so the next year I ran to be Vice President and got the position! I was Vice President for my sophomore and junior years and loved being part of the leadership, so last year I decided to run for president. Again, I got the position and it has been great to plan meetings and make things happen for the club! Our goals for the semester were to make sure everyone was really enjoying the club and feeling comfortable, as well as trying to collaborate with more clubs on campus to become more involved in that way. So far, we have been able to collaborate with a few different clubs, such as Alianza Latina, over the semester which has been great! We have also had a lot of great meetings which have included a birthday party for everyone, films and discussions about LGBTQA issues, and also just relaxing meetings where we are able to build community.

I find time management to be difficult because I am so busy, but it is very rewarding to see the positive impact Free to Be makes on the community! Outside of Free to Be, I work as a Beauty Advisor at Estee Lauder at Macy’s and am interning at the King Street Center after school program. For fun, I love to play board games, try cooking meals from Pinterest and watch Netflix!! My biggest inspiration in life is my mom. She is an extremely hard worker and gives all of herself to others. She would give her last penny to someone who needs it which has inspired me to do social service work as a career.

Emily Wheaton '16


Full name: Emily Wheaton

Hometown: Boston, MA

Year: 2016

Major: Nutrition

Relationship Status: Single

Campus Life

Best class you’ve taken: World Food, Population and Development—I took this class first semester freshman year and it really opened my eyes.

Worst class you’ve taken: Organic Chemistry…

Best study spot: It’s a secret! I don’t want my favorite place getting over populated.

Weirdest thing I’ve encountered at UVM: Those two dudes who ride a tandem bike around campus together. Real talk: do you always have to go to the same place?

Campus involvement: Greek life, AdvoCats

Advice for Freshmen? Embrace Burlington! It’s weirdness only seems negative if you’re too judgmental.


Fun Facts

Biggest pet peeve: When people chew with their mouths open

Most embarrassing moment: I’m the girl that tripped over the curb and ate s*** attempting to throw back a runaway ball to the shirtless hotties in front of the Sig Phi house playing volleyball one afternoon this past Fall. The skinned knees were just insult to injury.

Favorite movie: Crash

TV show I can’t stop watching: Grey’s Anatomy—I know, typical.

What celeb crush would you take out on the town: Josh Holloway—he plays Sawyer on Lost. I really dig his rugged bada** nature.

Dream job: Working to extend women’s public health in rural areas

Marc Rossi '14


Full name: Marc Alexander Rossi

Hometown: Upper Saddle River, NJ

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Relationship Status: Single


UVM Life

What's the best class you've taken at UVM? Italian-American Culture & Lit with Gennari - Godfather/Sopranos screenings.

What's the worst class you've taken at UVM? Macroeconomics with Bill.

The absolute best study spot on campus? Old Mill 5th floor looking out over downtown.

Have any advice for freshmen? Promise little, do much.


Fun Facts

We've all got a few. So tell us, what's your biggest pet peeve? Incompetent drivers. Alright, you have to spill it.

What's your most embarrassing moment? One rainy afternoon in first grade I crapped my pants at a lunch table full of girls.

If you had to recommend an awesome movie for us to watch, what would it be? City of God

Any guilty pleasures? Motown Jams

The TV shows you can't stop watching? True Detective & Shameless currently. For the rest of my days, The Sopranos.

You get to take your celeb crush out on the town. Who do you take? Mrs. Yoncé Carter

HCUVM's Words of Wisdom: Establish YOUR Voice


Do we have a voice for our generation? It's a question that has an insane amount of responses and a whole boat-load of controversy. I mean, come on... it's difficult to pin-point it since our pop-culture is overwhelmed with a number of celebrities being caught in too many dirty situations. Who wants to see another celeb divorce, eating disorder or drug scandal. With that being said, who even qualifies to be THE voice of our youth and why does it even matter?

My opinion? There shouldn't be one single voice because we are not a whole, like-minded entity. We are feminists, environmentalists, intellectuals, ski-bums, teachers, followers, leaders, beauty gurus, minimalists, and so much more. We, as a whole, are the voice. Each personality is a color apart of a Monet painting, and when we take a few steps back from ourselves and like-minds, it's a beautiful thing. 

But to be honest, we all need a reminder sometimes that we have the power to make a voice on our own. We're practically at the half-way mark to the semester and that's A LOT of time to start kicking yourself back into gear. Make the most of your time. Work hard first, then play hard. Tell a friend how beautiful they look today. Tell yourself how beautiful you look today. Go volunteer anywhere. Take nervous energy and put it into improving yourself. Say hello to your professor outside of class (as painful as it can be). Smile at the cutie you pass on the way to class. You can do whatever you want.

And to help make your roar a little louder each day, I've compiled a list of motivational quotes from a few of our favorites. So go ahead! Read. Get Inspired. Go Inspire. Repeat.

"Your self-worth is determined by you. You don't have to depend on someone telling you who you are." -Beyonce

Maggie McGuinness '14


Full name: Maggie McGuinness

Hometown: Miller Place, NY

Year: Senior

Major: Math and Economics

College Life

Relationship Status: Single

Best Class: Money and Banking

Worst Class: North American Indians…I do not recommend it

The Best Study Spot: Jeffords Study rooms; Theres microwaves and whiteboards to write on!

Advice for Freshman: Make as many friends as you can, and keep and open mind to everyone!


Fun Facts

Pet Peeve: When someone has dirt under their fingernails... I just can't get past it.

Weirdest thing at UVM: Gotta be the naked bike ride

Most embarrassing moment: Freshman year diving into the front green fountain, dancing around in it for a while, then proceeding to a party dripping wet.

Guilty pleasures: Jars of peanut butter

Celeb crush: Victor Cruz

Dream Job: Statistician for a sports network

Favorite Sport: Football

Live anywhere in the world: Probably Southern Spain! It was my favorite place to visit in Europe and they all love to party.


Love Life

Biggest Turn-on: Someone who can make me laugh.

Biggest Turn-off: DM's

Ideal Date: Lame… but probably drinks and watching a football game at home!

Laverne Cox Dazzles UVM's Students


I can't even begin the amount of afternoons that I've spent binging on Netflix's Orange is the New Black. And to clear the air, I have zero regrets on doing so. The show has a multitude of diverse characters that bring their bad-a** personalities and rugged histories together to make create amazing, incarcerating experience (no pun intended). I'm also sure that many of you can agree with me on the addictive quality of the show; June 6th is already marked on my calendar for their new season. With all of the characters to fall in love with, I fell in love with Sophia Burset, played by Laverne Cox, who is the prison's devious stylist. What makes for an even more interesting aspect of the show is the fact that she is the only transgendered character to be featured.

So you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered that she was going to make a presence on the University of Vermont's campus. On February 20th, Laverne Cox dazzled hundreds of students in the Grand Maple Ballroom with her in inspiring story of her journey to womanhood. The history-making transgendered actress is a truly iconic figure in the LGBTQA community and certainly blew us away with her radiating confidence and wit.

Rowan Hayes


We love a great female role model on campus, especially one that rocks it on the University of Vermont's ice rink. Rowan Hayes, a sophomore at UVM, brings good vibes and devotion to UVM's Women's Club Hockey team. He personality is one to celebrate as a fellow student, a team mate and a woman of our generation. Check out her reflection on her life on and off the rink below!


Explain your position on the club hockey team.

This is my second year playing center forward.

How much experience have you had playing hockey.

I grew up in a family full of ice hockey players, playing for my first time when I was about 4 years old. I played in the boy’s league throughout most of my BAHA (Burlington Amateur Hockey Association) career, until a year before going to high school. I also played on the Vermont Starts, an elite travel team for girls, where I spent almost every summer weekend at hockey tournaments in Canada.

I then played for my high school team, right here in Burlington, until they lost the sufficient funds to continue at a varsity level, so I switched over to a neighboring high school. This is how I ended up being the captain of the Champlain Valley Union team my senior year.

What keeps you playing hockey and how do you push yourself individually in the team?