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Make the Most Out of Finals Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVM chapter.

Finals week can be a stressful time. Between coffee stains and piles of books and assignments it can feel impossible to wrap up anything else with your time on campus when you still have five pages to fill of a research paper. Then it’s the end of the week and friends are leaving left and right and it is easy to feel rushed and unsettled as the sort of whirlwind week goes on. Here are some ways to expand your identity from beyond the library and may even help you leave campus feeling more centered after a taxing week. 

Watch the Sunset from the Williams Fire Escape

This is sort of a UVM right of passage, so it should be on the list regardless. Instead of liking your friend’s Instagram of it, go up there and take a couple shots of your own! Of course it is super close to the library so you’ll be giving up minimal study time in exchange for a couple moments of peace. 

Check out The Living Well Studio

These wonderful people are located on the first floor of the Davis Center and have so many great activities in store this week! Maybe finals are making you so delirious you need a little guidance; why not get your tarot cards read, Living Well is offering free readings on Friday May 2nd. If that isn’t your style they are also holding their Mindfulness Meditation Drop-In Group at one o’clock on May 2nd as well. If neither of these are peaking your interest, they also have food. Food is good. Enjoy a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a smoothie when you stop in!

 Get Together with Friends

I know after emerging from the library for the first time in six hours, a bed, Netflix and Christmas lights seem like just about the only thing you can handle for the night, but try and connect with your friends in the last bits of the semester. Touch base with them on their summer plans and talk about your own. Summer can sometimes be tough on new friendships so try and go the extra mile and reach out to some people. Have a little spa night to relax together. Buy some facemasks and paint nails to relax together. TJ Maxx actually has a killer cosmetics section, and offer a great price if you are penny pinching. 

Lastly, when it all comes to a close, a bit of reflection is a great way to help yourself move into summer and whatever it brings. Take a minute when you’re packing up or grabbing a coffee for the road to think about your classes, new friends, old friends, and all the experiences the year brought you. Where you started, and where you’re at. Allow yourself to appreciate all that you’ve done!

Junior at the University of Vermont