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The Beauty Closet: Hair Extension How-Tos

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVM chapter.

            It may be appropriate to clear the air; yes, the whole concept of hair extensions may seem rather vapid and superficial. However, hair extensions are really fun for a night out, adding volume, and tacking on those extra couple inches because maybe like me, your hair “never grows”. And honestly, at least for myself, I am totally not above doing something so easy that lends me a bit more confidence throughout the day, so I say why not!


Where to Buy: There are many online sites that sell extensions exclusively, and some of the better ones offer helpful videos of models with the extensions in, so you can get a good idea of the color. The best quality of extensions will offer 100% human hair (Yeah, it sounds SO weird). If you are a little hesitant to purchase them online, a great place to look is at a Sally’s Beauty Shop (we have one right in South Burlington). The ladies there are great and super helpful with making sure you find the ones you like and a good fit for your color. I have actually bought 2 sets of extensions from them.

Finding your Color: At first, I never thought it would be possible to really match my color. I imagined that my head of hair would end up looking like some Frankenstein-ish mix of browns. In reality, any time I have chosen a set in the same color family as my own, it has been incredibly forgiving; friends are always so surprised to hear that there are actually extensions in.

Types and Installation Styles: There are a couple different types of extensions, and types of installations. Clip-in extensions require the least maintenance, as you can put them in and remove them whenever you like. Although of course if you are going to be wearing clip in extensions that are considerably longer than your own hair, you just want to make sure that you’re wearing them consistently so as not to be painfully obvious. Some extensions come with clips already sewed onto them, which I really like,  since they hold well in your hair. But I have also sewed my own clips onto extensions before, and it really is no more than a half hour task. There are a couple different types of semi-permanent ways to wear extensions too, most of them require going into a salon, unless you know how to do it yourself, or a friend does. Of course there are tutorial videos and what not, but it may be safest to rely on the professionals. Taping is the most attractive of the options, and has been described as the most comfortable and best for hair. However bonding strand by strand is also a way for semi-permanent extensions to be put in. These methods can last in the hair for anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

Maintenance: Clip-in extensions are really meant to be washed weekly, although I certainly cannot say I am that disciplined about it. Because they are usually real hair, they should receive the same type of care as your own natural hair. Of course if you have the extensions put in semi-permanently, washing and styling occurs as you normally do.