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Kylie Fitch: Red Bull Challenge Winners

We got a chance to interview a member winning team for Red Bull’s Can You Make It? Challenge, UVM’s very own Kylie Fitch. Her team, Quirky Ky and the Terrible Two, won a trip to Europe using Redbull as their currency. You can check out their awesome video along with their detailed interview below.

How did you come up with your FUN name?!It all started this past Halloween: I had the (innocent) idea of dressing up as an angel. Shortly following, Lauren and Molly thought it would be fitting to be my devil-counterparts… And the rest is history, really. 

How did your group learn about the Red Bull Can You Make It campaign?The Student Brand Manager for Red Bull at UVM, Wes Lewis, has been a friend of mine for years. I was sitting on his couch eating ice cream (the whole pint, mind you) when he had me watch the promo video for this ridiculous competition. Within two minutes, I sent out a text to the ladies that simply said, “go to this website.” We didn’t even have to agree on whether or not we should consider participating… Literally within two minutes we had laid out the foundations for getting started.

What inspired you to do it?We’re seniors and it’s our last semester of college classes. We obviously don’t want to be taking things very seriously. Wouldn’t you want to miss a week of school to traverse Europe on Red Bull’s tab, too? This was simply a no-brainer.

Your video is so fun! What was the process of making it and how did you come up with your great ideas for it?We tried to take facets of our personalities and really exaggerate on them. For example: I’m a bit of a chemistry nerd (holler at me, orgo). Molly and Lauren are totally lawless shredders on the mountain. We used the theme of our team name to cater to the ideas as we came up with them and then before we could think twice, we were jumping into the Bolton potholes half-naked.

How did you end up winning the trip to Europe?It took a WHOLE lot of work. Tirelessly pushing our video on social media. Constantly being in contact with a regional Red Bull representative. We even landed a story on the local news (WPTZ) a few days before the voting process was over. There was a lot of stress about getting enough votes on the video, because if we weren’t in the top 10 spots for our region, our video wouldn’t even be considered. Luckily, we closed out the voting process with nearly 600 votes and proceeded to the final panel which enjoyed us and our video enough to offer us a spot in the competition!

How long will you be there and what does the trip entail?We leave on Wednesday (April 2nd) and will be there until the following Saturday (the 12th). We have a couple days of just hanging out and having fun in Vienna, our beginning destination. Once the competition starts, we’ll have exactly seven days to use Red Bull as our only means of currency as we attempt to travel through Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Germany (where the finish line waits for us in Berlin). We still can’t believe we’re doing this. Upon our return, we promise to have nothing but hilarious stories to share.

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