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Lauren Koketko

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HCOU Staff- Fall '13


To end our Fall semester, HCOU would like to recognize the staff we had working hard to provide readers with interesting content as our celebrities! We had a great staff this fall!



Jourdyn Heilinger

After 3 1/2 all too fast years here at Ohio University I am proud to say that I am an OU grad. I have been a part of the HCOU staff since it's launch in 2010. Being a staff writer and eventually an editor and campus correspondent has definitely kept me busy, but I have always found time to enjoy the beauty and excitement that Athens has to offer. However, I still have a few things to cross off my OU bucket list before I move to Los Angeles, California this summer!

Lauren Koketko

The past four years at Ohio University have been great, especially with being an active member of Her Campus Ohio U since it's launch in 2010. HCOU has provided me with more experience that will (hopefully) help me get a 'big girl' job in these next couple months of resume tweaking and job searching. I've know from day one that OU was the right place for me and I honestly cherish every memory made on the green campus and brick lined streets. After graduating in May, I'll have one thing in mind, "Once a Bobcat, Always a Bobcat!"

We'd like to recognize the new editors-in-chief, starting in January 2014. Congratulations Carly Maurer and Meredith Broadwater- you girls will do a great job leading HCOU!

Festive Drinks


For Santa Fest OU, The Over Hang on Court Street offered a variety of holiday themed cocktails. This green and red beauty is the O'Christmas Tree. 

What're you looking forward to doing over break?


Winter Break!


It' that time of year again- Winter Break! The staff of HCOU wants to wish you all Happy Holidays! Have a safe, enjoyable winter break and we will see you back on campus in 2014!

Santas from Santa Fest OU!


This week, Her Campus Ohio U would like to recognize all of our fellow Bobcats that showed their holiday spirit at the first ever Santa Fest OU. Many students were seen out and about in big red suits with black boots and white trim. Not to mention most of them looked great with their curly white facial hair.  Who doesn't love Santa? We're proud to give the many boys who dressed up as Santa this weekend the coveted title of HCOU Campus Cutie!

A Snowstorm Hits Athens


After a few inches of snow came down in under an hour, it's safe to say Athens got it's fair share of snow Friday night. The lights on Court Street only add to the holiday ambiance!

Her Campus Study Event


Come study or take a study break with the girls of HCOU! We will be passing out Sk Engery Shots and NueroSonic Energy Water to get you through finals week! Tables and chairs will be provided to study! Come and go as you please!

What Did You Think Of Santa Fest?


Freshman Year vs. Senior Year Finals


As a senior I often look back onto my experiences here at Ohio University. One memorable thing, whether it be good or bad, is finals week.

At this time my freshman year, I would've been posted up in the library with all of my study content organized into neat piles to begin studying for my exams. This year, as a senior, I participated in the frist ever Santa Fest here at Ohio University and don't have a care in the world when it comes to what paper is due what day and which exam is cumulative. 

It's funny how it works like that. Don't get me wrong- I still am very invested in my school work and doing well on my finals. But, these four years of college have taught me something other than reading, writing, and arithmetic. I've finally learned that I don't want to graduate saying "I wish I would've...". I've learned that while school is important and it's what we're here for, it's also important to indugle in the many experience that college has to offer.

Instead of stressing too much over your next final, I advise you to take a step back, take a breath, and live in the moment. There's always going to be time to pull all-nighters (even if it's not ideal) but how many times will you get the opportunity to wear a crazy and festive holiday costume and enjoy drink specials at the one-of-a-kind bars in your college town?

From a senior to you underclassmen- focus and work hard when it comes to school and finals, but live it up and play hard when you're given the opportunity. 

Will You Be Attending Santa Fest?