We're Taking Time to Take Care of Our Health — & You Should Too

Being a college woman means balancing a million and one things on your plate. Even if you're a total master of this juggling act (which, like, yes girl you're killin' it), taking a second to slow down and listen to yourself is key in college.

This week is National Women's Health Week, so we're checking in with ourselves — whether it's our physical health, mental health, or the health of our relationships, we're taking a moment to stop and listen to ourselves. Stopping the hustle and bustle to listen to our bodies and our minds. Because we deserve to live our best lives and to absolutely thrive.

To get you in the headspace of real self-care, check out our favorite content relating to all-things health below. Because even if you're a queen at juggling a busy college schedule, you deserve to take a moment look out for yourself and your health. 


Felicity Warner

College is High-Key Stressful — Here's Everything You Should Know About On-Campus Counseling If You Need It

By Maddie Hughes

You may believe that your college’s mental health resources begin and end at puppy therapy and homework snack breaks (though, I would never say no to therapy dogs). However, there are so many ways to take advantage of your local student health center in order to receive the help you truly deserve. It all starts with the first call—once you take that first step, a weight will be lifted off of your shoulders.

How Meditation Improved My Life Significantly — & How It Can Improve Yours Too

By Nikki Melamed

College can be stressful. With strict deadlines, back-to-back exams and endless amounts of homework, it’s no surprise that college students have a lot of anxiety and stress. As a sophomore college student, I’m no exception. As someone who has anxiety, college has the ability to make my life a lot more difficult, which is why it was important for me to learn meditation as a way to cope.

From Getting Birth Control to Your First Gyno Appointment, Here's How to Navigate the On-Campus OBGYN

By Maddie Hughes

Your university provides innumerable resources for you to be prepared to have safe sex, keep your downstairs healthy and happy, or to just keep you informed—with services provided confidentially and usually at a discount/free if you’re an eligible student. On-campus sexual health resources are your new best friend for your next four years.

5 Signs That You & Your S/O Have a Healthy Relationship

By Savana A. Morie

Sometimes dating can be like trying to navigate through a minefield. The emergence of ‘hook-up culture’ and the introduction of dating apps like Tinder have only made the already confusing art of trying to get someone to like you back even more overwhelming. What’s a side chick? How am I supposed to introduce myself to someone I think is cute? What if I’m a Taurus but they’re a Virgo? What key things make a modern relationship work, and how can I make sure it's healthy for both of us?

Resources from The Office of Women's Health to help you check-in:

What do you need to know about mental health? The Office on Women’s Health shares what you can do to safeguard your mental health and how things like physical activity and drinking and smoking affect your mental health. Plus, find 13 tips to help you manage your stress in healthy ways.

Get personalized physical activity tips! The Office on Women’s Health created an online tool that allows you to explore your health goals, what motivates you, and reasons why it might be hard to stay on track with healthy behaviors, like getting enough physical activity and eating well. Based on your responses, you’ll get personalized tips for better health that make sense for you.

What can you do for a healthier you in your 20s? Take one — or more — of the steps on this checklist! Then take the checklist to your next checkup to get the conversation started with your health care provider.

Explore more health resources here.