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5 V-Day Sex Positions To Try With Your Ex (No Eye Contact Needed)

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and while some folks are craving romance, others are (frankly) just looking to get laid… even if that means hopping back into bed with their ex. Look, if you’ve been there, you’ve been there: When you’re down bad, there’s no shame (OK, maybe a little) in backtracking through your roster for a good ‘ol reliable hookup. Having sex with your ex on Valentine’s Day isn’t a unique experience and, with the right positions, it can actually be pretty hot. Sue me!

It goes without saying that sex with your ex is… different, especially if the emotional bond has fizzled but the sexual tension remains. For that reason, it’s best to skip the intimate, lovey-dovey positions and get right to the point — with pleasure, of course. Turns out, there are a ton of super hot sex positions that don’t even need eye contact to leave you shaking. But of course, it doesn’t hurt to up the intimacy, if that’s what you’re feeling. (It’s your ex and your world, bestie.)

So, if you’re thinking of hitting up your favorite (or least favorite, if you’re feeling toxic) ex for a steamy hookup, look no further: Here are five sex positions to try with your ex this Valentine’s Day… no eye contact required. Just don’t catch feelings again, OK?

Standing doggy

Quick and to the point, this position is great if you and your hookup are just looking for a lay. To do this, have your hookup get behind you as you bend over the bed, kitchen counter, or couch. Then, with their hands on your hips (or in your hair) have them penetrate from behind. This position can also be down against the wall, using your hands to balance you!

Reverse cowgirl (with a view)

Feeling yourself this Valentine’s Day? I’ve got the position for you. As an admitted reverse cowgirl hater, there’s nothing I detest more than staring at someone’s feet when I’m trying to get off (no offense). That’s when the mirror comes into play. Before starting, situate yourselves in front of a mirror. Then, with your hookup lying down and penetrating you from beneath, get on top with your back facing them. As you ride, you’ll have a full view of you and you only. It’s pretty hot, TBH.


This position is underrated, if I do say so myself. Start by laying on the bed, belly to the mattress, with your hookup penetrating from behind à la speedbump. From there, have them lift up one of your legs (in a quad-stretch motion) for a deeper, more pleasurable sensation.


This variation of doggy style is a favorite for a reason. With your hookup behind you, get on all fours, then lower yourself so your torso is on the bed, keeping your back arched and bum lifted. This position allows for super-deep penetration, and is way more comfortable than having to stay up on your hands and knees.


Finally, this sex position will have you feeling so good, that you might catch some feelings after it’s done. (Or not.) First, lay flat on the bed. Then, have your hookup get behind you on their knees, with your legs on the inside of theirs. This position penetrates deeply and feels incredible for both parties. You’re both welcome.

Contrary to popular belief, having sex with your ex isn’t always a bad thing. Whether you’re still great friends, or just two people who always have great sex, there’s nothing wrong with getting it on with someone from your past — especially on Valentine’s Day.

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