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These TikTok Treadmill Workouts Make Working Out, Like, Actually Fun

Working out is rough, believe me, I know. But what if it could be maybe, let’s say, at least 15% less terrible? That’s what TikTok’s iconic treadmill strut is bringing to the table. Forget hardcore sprinting and 20 minutes on a 7.6 incline. This time around, all you need is your wonderful self and your favorite boss babe album to make gym time feel more like a party and less of a chore. 

If you’re someone who prioritizes having fun while exercising, this one’s for you! Whether you choose to power walk the day away to Rihanna, have a midday dance-in-place break to Taylor Swift, or late-night groove sesh to Doja Cat, one thing’s for sure: You won’t regret it. 

Before you hit the treadmill, here’s a pro tip: Imagine yourself as your best self and show up as her. Imagine you’re in the center of a club having your moment and your favorite song of all time comes on. Embrace that energy and take it with you to the treadmill. You deserve to have that dance floor feeling every time you do something special for your body –– like working out! Especially when it comes to owning your treadmill strut, it’s all about taking the world by storm, like I know you can.

So the next time you get workout-ready, also get your “treadmill domination” playlist ready to go as well. It’s time to revamp treadmill walking and make it into the dance party that we know it can be, and it starts with you!  Below are some workout and playlist ideas to get you started. I’m going to be trying out the Ariana Grande one right now, and JSYK, I will be unavailable for the next few hours as I soak up all the energy it gives me. 


this workout was not my idea‼️ I saw@benntheredonethat do it first (she made the playlist as well) Just trying to make some fun work out videos💕

♬ original sound – Makenzie and Malia

Replying to @norahhlouise the treadmill strut that started it all is back and BETTER THAN EVER BABY !! this TSTS has TWO running options (bc we all know all too well deserves its own moment 🧣) – let me know if you try this one out !! @benntheredonethat #treadmillstrut #taylorswift

♬ hour long taylor swift treadmill strut workout – allie bennett

You need to try this workout!! Save for later ↘️ I’ll leave the playlist linked in my bio as well! 😍 #workout #treadmill #fitness

♬ doja cat treadmill strut workout – allie bennett

Tried the Lizzo Treadmill Strut Workout!!! I literally do these everyday now, I’m obsessed😍 #treadmillstrut #lizzo #workout #treadmill

♬ lizzo treadmill strut workout – allie bennett

First tiktok and #treadmillstrut :) I had to start this playlist with my favorite artist 🤎 inspo/credit to @allie bennett and editing to @wowmaryy #CapCut #workoutmotivation #theweeknd #workout

♬ original sound – Analise

did the solid work out, and recorded after I was burnt out sprinting a few times 😂 @Makenzie and Malia #drake #treadmillstrut #fyp #sacstate

♬ Drake treadmill workout – Makenzie and Malia

This one has been in the drafts for a minute #treadmillworkout #treadmillstrut #cherlloyd #hotgirlwalk #fitness original treadmill strut: @allie bennett

♬ original sound – Ella
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