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Bestie, I know we’ve all been there at one point or another. You’re trudging through the endless airport security line, feeling the exhaustion of jet lag creeping in even before your flight takes off. And just as you’re about to give in to one of those lousy terminal seats, bam! Right across from you is the cutest person you’ve ever seen. It’s one of those moments where you have to do a double-take because it almost feels like an illusion. But it’s not — that person right over there is your airport crush.

Airports, with their bustling crowds and transient energy, seem to amplify these fleeting connections, making that chance encounter feel all the more magical. Suddenly, you get that wonderful feeling like you’re on top of the clouds. You know, the rush of excitement, the butterflies in your stomach, and the silent hope that maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up sitting next to each other on the flight.

Many wish that their airport crush won’t fly away and will turn into a lasting connection, perhaps on the same connecting flight. Imagine striking up a conversation, and it feels like you’ve known each other forever. Your shared laughter echoes above the hum of the airport, transforming the chaotic scene into a rom-com moment you’ve always dreamed of. And who knows? Maybe you won’t fly solo and this chance meeting could blossom into a partner to share life’s adventures with.

So, Who Exactly is An Airport Crush?

When you’re trying to catch your flight, why not catch feelings at the airport as well? According to TikTok users, an airport crush is someone you find yourself instantly attracted to while departing or arriving at the airport. Imagine you’re rushing through the airport, trying to make your flight on time, when you suddenly lock eyes with someone who takes your breath away. Welcome to the world of airport crushes – those instant sparks of attraction you feel while navigating through terminals. It’s like love at first flight, and it’s becoming a fun, unexpected part of travel for many. But is it really worth the emotional whirlwind and potential disruption to your travel plans?

Where Can You Find Your Airport Crush?

The airport! Duh! Just kidding. There are plenty of other places to find a spontaneous “airport crush.” While it’s popular to imagine meeting someone special while traveling, you can have a similar experience with any public transportation. Whether you’re waiting at the bus stop, riding your city’s train, or even just walking down the street, there’s always a chance for a serendipitous encounter. So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re soaring at 30,000 feet or on the ground.

Will You Make Your Connecting Flight Together?

Don’t get carried away with fantasies of joining the mile-high club with that cute stranger you spotted at the airport. To be completely real, most airport crushes don’t take off together. While the idea of landing the perfect person in this once-in-a-lifetime setting might seem like reaching your destination, don’t keep your head too high in the clouds as it’s bound to get delayed. And if it doesn’t work out, no worries! You’re headed to an exciting destination, whether it’s a fun vacation, quality time with friends, or a cozy night at home.

While it might be exciting to board the love plane, hold your boarding pass. Don’t be silly and go out of your way to get to the gate to find your airport crush. It will come naturally to you when the time is right. Rushing into things rarely leads to a smooth landing. Enjoy the journey and savor absolutely the anticipation while waiting for your flight.

Lily Brown

Emerson '25

Lily Brown is the Wellness Intern for Her Campus Media. She writes for the Culture, Style, and Wellness verticals on the site, including Beauty, Decor, Digital, Entertainment, Experiences, Fashion, Mental Health, and Sex + Relationships coverage. Beyond Her Campus, Lily is a rising senior at Emerson College in Boston, MA, majoring in Journalism with a Publishing minor. She works as the Creative Director for the on-campus lifestyle publication, Your Magazine, where she establishes and curates the conceptual design and content for the entire publication ranging from style, romance, music, pop culture, personal identity, and college experiences. She has written and photographed for Your Mag along with several other on-campus magazines. Lily was recently recognized for her work on YM and awarded two EVVYs for Outstanding Print Publication. In her free time, Lily maybe spends a little too much time keeping a close eye on captivating red carpet and runway fashion, and binge-watching her favorite shows. She also enjoys expressing her thoughts through creative writing, exploring new destinations, and blasting ABBA, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, and Lady Gaga on Spotify. Additionally, she actively contributes to fostering a sense of community among college residents as a dedicated Residential Assistant.