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You Got *Spiritual Wellness Apps* On Your Phone?

If you were looking for a sign, this is it! It’s your time to manifest the life of your dreams, and it starts with putting you (and your mind) first. Let’s talk about some phone apps you can use to enhance the bliss of the current era you’re in. Maybe you’re searching for a way to reconnect with yourself after your busy workday, or want to feel more centered when things don’t go your way. Whatever it may be, there’s an app out there that’s a perfect fit for you.

For all of my friends out there who are wondering how to explore your spirituality a little bit more, you’re at a great starting spot. Even being open to trying something new and unfamiliar can help you develop a deeper awareness and connection to yourself and the world around you. The next step? Downloading an app to help you on your journey toward enlightenment.

As with anything, finding your flow is meant to be a growing process where flaws are welcome. So, for those difficult moments when you need a little extra guidance from the universe to help you get through the day, turn to these spiritual well-being apps instead of the dreaded TikTok doom-scroll.


Check out your daily alignment with the universe! Get personalized daily horoscopes, tarot card readings, and crystal information on this powerhouse of an app.

Insight Timer

Screaming, crying, and throwing up because queen Lalah Delia has a class on this app. Insight Timer is your go-to resource for connecting to spiritual guides through meditation and mindfulness courses.


Transform your relationship with the universe with stress-free breathwork on the Aura app. Plus, it’s a personalized experience based on your favorite colors. Say less! 

My Human Design

Understand who you are and what aligns with your path on My Human Design. Knowing your human design chart (yes, it’s a thing) is literally life-changing. 


The moon is your friend, remember that! On Moonly, you can learn how the moon impacts your interactions with the world around you.


Ground yourself with stories of teachers from all over the world. And get free meditation remixes of the songs you love like “Breathin’” by Ariana Grande.

Time Nomad

Are you in alignment? Find out by checking your astrological chart!


Maybe it’s time to try tarot! Dive into the wonder of online readings that use a psychological approach.

Ten Percent Happier

The Dalai Lama makes a cameo in this one and teaches you how to start on your journey to happiness. This app is your guide to having a smiling heart all year round.

Rock Identifier

Take your crystal collection to the next level with over 1,000 rock types to discover. Let this be a healing resource for you!


The little illustrated characters are so cute, and they fight anxiety! Use this app a life hack to feel your emotions in big ways and feel content no matter what.


OK, community! Here’s where your loves for meditation and astrology come together. On Saged, you can practice simple daily rituals and affirmations that follow nature’s cycles to result in a mindful and fulfilling routine.


But seriously, the Saged app is the app every spiritual seeker needs! Time to activate your magick. Find us on the app store, or download for free with the link in our bio! #pagansoftiktok #witchesoftiktok #witchtok #pagansofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #witchy #spiritualtiktok #saged_app #wakeyourwitch #witchifyyourlife #fyp #witchfyp

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The Pattern

Whatever cycle of life you’re in is valid. Go deeper and connect with others on a deeper level in this astrological community.

Planetary Hours

Get by-the-hour support based on how your planets align! Plus, you can read daily tips on how to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Astro Future

Your manifestation energy is strong, and you can hone in on it! Check out your transits and love compatibility, and also get detailed interpretations about your life path.


Channel your inner moon goddess when you connect to the energy of the moon’s phases. There is no limitation to how much you can nurture your spirit!

Alicia Casey was a National Writer for Her Campus from December 2022 to April 2023 covering all things health and wellness. She's graduating from Cal State Long Beach in May 2023 with her B.A. in public relations and a minor in communications studies.