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5 Oral Sex Moves To Know Aside From Giving That Thang A “Hawk Tuah”

By now, you’ve probably heard about the viral sensation that is the “Hawk Tuah Girl.” ICYMI, 21-year-old Hailey Welsh took over the internet after sharing her go-to tip for the bedroom: “You gotta give him that Hawk Tuah and spit on that thang.” And listen: While she’s not wrong, as your resident sex-posi bestie, I believe that there are so many other oral sex tips that deserve their viral moment too, OK?

If you’re confused, allow me to spell it out for you: “Hawk Tuah” is a reference to the sound one makes when they spit on a penis during oral sex. (Though, it’s important to know that this “tip” can apply to other genitalia as well! The more you know!) The reason for doing this is to add some extra ~slip~ and reduce uncomfortable friction while you’re pleasuring a partner. Trust me when I tell you that the more spit, the better.

And, yeah, while the “Hawk Tuah Girl” is just another viral moment, it is bringing about some conversations when it comes to oral sex. If you’re new to giving oral sex, or unsure of how to “up your game” orally, it can be quite intimidating to know where to start. Luckily for you, I’ve rounded up five oral sex tips (aside from, well, spitting) that are not only pleasurable to your partner, but to you as well. Because let us not forget: When you’re the one giving the pleasure, you’re the one in charge — so don’t feel like you have to do anything that makes you, or your partner, uncomfortable. Period.

Get handsy.

This tip goes hand-in-hand (see what I did there?) with the viral “Hawk Tuah” move — and it’s a great way to give your jaw a break while you’re giving oral sex to a partner. While you’re giving oral, use your hands to stroke your partner’s genitalia and the surrounding areas. This allows you to take a break by using your hands to keep things moving, or can increase the pleasure by adding another sensation besides your mouth.

Skip the spit.

Sorry, Hawk Tuah fans, but spit can only go so far — especially when the foreplay is long. So, instead of using spit, you can opt for an edible lubricant to keep things wet. Not only does lube stay slippery longer than spit, but you can also find lubricants that deliver different sensations for both you and your partner — like warming and cooling.

Add A Toy.

Bringing a toy into the bedroom is one of my favorite ways to spice things up with a partner. And, during oral sex, it makes things just that much better. If your partner has a penis, consider incorporating a vibrating C-ring, and if your partner has a vagina, a trusty vibrator is all you need to take things to the next level. While you pleasure your partner orally, use the toy on their sensitive areas like the inner thighs, clitoris, testicles, and anus. (Remember to use some saliva or lubricant to keep things comfortable!)

Explore the backdoor.

Before you try this move in the bedroom, it’s important to ask your partner for consent first. While you’re pleasuring your partner orally, you can use your tongue, fingers, or a toy to explore the areas in and around their anus. These areas can be particularly sensitive, so if your partner asks you to go slower, or even to stop, listen to them. Consent is sexy!

Pleasure yourself, too.

Consider this your reminder that oral sex should be fun for all parties involved, not just the one receiving the pleasure. And, ICYMI, touching yourself while you’re giving oral can be such a turn-on for both you and your partner. As you pleasure your partner, use your hand (or a toy!) to pleasure yourself as you go down on them. Seeing you get off can absolutely get your partner in the mood — so if you feel good, it helps them feel good too!

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