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20 New Moon In Virgo 2023 Journal Prompts To Write Out & Reflect On

If you’ve been feeling in a funk, you’re not alone. It’s a weird time of the year: the transition into fall, school starting back up, and Olivia Rodrigo releasing an album that shook every teenage girl in their twenties to their core (I’m still not OK). It’s an interesting season. But what if I told you the perfect opportunity to manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of is coming? Grab your pen, besties: It’s time to answer some journal prompts for the 2023 Virgo New Moon.

The Virgo New Moon will take place on Sept. 14 at 9:40 p.m. ET​​. Taking place in the Earth sign Virgo, the New Moon is highlighting the fact that it’s time to get your sh*t together. This is an even more special time because Mercury is finally going direct on Sept. 15. So, with the effects of Mercury retrograde over, and with the combination of the Virgo New Moon, things are finally starting to shift into place. 

Now, if you’re familiar with astrology you already know that Virgos are very logical, hardworking, and observant. So, the New Moon is all about taking time to reflect on your life and your goals moving forward. This is the strongest time to start manifesting how you want your life to look in 2024. I’d like to call this the ”Delulu New Moon,” because truly anything you desire is possible during this time. The sky is the limit (literally) and nothing is out of your reach, so be sure to dream big, besties! 

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Be sure to be mindful during this New Moon period and prioritize your rest and relaxation. This can be a draining time and you want to make sure you’re still looking out for you. And what better way to get in touch with how you’re truly feeling than some journal prompts? Journaling is such a powerful way to get your thoughts out and also manifest your dream life. So get your pen out, I have a good feeling about this upcoming season!

Where am I being too hard on myself? Am I seeking perfection at this time?

We can always give ourselves grace!

What daily habits are beneficial for my well-being?

And how can I add more of these into my routine?

What habits can I let go of to serve myself better?

We all have some bad habits!

What makes me feel safe? How can I seek out more of that in my life?

A safe life is the happiest life, IMHO.

What activities make me feel most like myself?

And if you can’t think of any, it’s a perfect time to start brainstorming!

What am I seeking most in this season of my life?

A new career, more stable relationships? The sky’s the limit.

What limiting beliefs do you hold about yourself? Where are you feeling “not enough”?

This one requires you to dig a little deep, and it’s not always pretty. (This prompt always sends me into a spiral.)

Is there something in your life that doesn’t serve you? How can you take steps to let this go?

We’ve all fallen victim to toxic relationships.

How will I show myself love during this month?

And remember you deserve to show yourself love all year long! 

What would you seek out if there were no limits? How can you take strides toward this goal?

This is that delulu time, nothing is standing in your way.

What do I love doing that I haven’t given enough attention to?

Mine would definitely be doing yoga and connecting with nature.

What creative projects can you throw yourself into that’ll bring you joy?

Maybe you love creating content and that’s something you haven’t been doing enough of lately — think about what brings you the most excitement and strive to do it once this month. 

How can you reinvent your daily routine?

Mine would be getting up earlier, I snooze my alarm literally 10 times before I drag myself out of bed.

Have you been avoiding setting boundaries? How can you set boundaries that reflect your values?

Oops, another tough one.

What can I do to slow down my everyday life?

Maybe by being more present and making small rules to help that. Mine is putting my phone down at dinner and just enjoying my own company or someone else’s.

How can I replace self-criticism with self-compassion?

I’m always working on this one.

How would you like your life to look in 2024? What steps can you start taking to achieve this life?

Your dream city, career, relationship, opportunity, whatever you want your life to truly look like.

When was the last time you felt fully confident? What were you doing? How were you acting?

This one can be tough, but it’s so important to channel inner confidence when prompting and knowing that you truly deserve everything you’re seeking.

What am I tolerating that I don’t want to be?

This could be anything, but once you identify it, see if there is something you can actively do to release it from your life. And if it can’t go away entirely, maybe ways you can separate yourself from having it overflow into every aspect of your life.

What support do I need from the people in my life? How can they show up for me?

My hyper-independent besties, this one’s hard. But the best relationships are when they’re interdependent — it’s nice to know you can lean on someone, and let them know how they can support you!

Avery Worley is a national writer for Her Campus. She has written across all verticals but takes a special interest in the wellness section, especially mental health, sex and relationships, and all things astrology. Beyond Her Campus, Avery attended New York University's Publishing Institute and is getting her Masters in Mass Communications from the University of Florida. When she isn't writing, you can find her exploring NYC with her latest romance novel in hand and relating way too much to "mirrorball" by Taylor Swift. If it's the fall, she's definitely rewatching Gilmore Girls.