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Lose the Freshman 15: How to Stay Healthy for the Holidays


Hello collegiettes! I hope you are all doing well. Since Mother’s Day and my 20th birthday are coming up (on the same day), I’ve given a lot of thought on what is the best way to carefully balance the strong innate desire to gorge myself on cake/ice cream/anything highly caloric, and trying not to re-gain the weight I’ve lost. Here are some ways I’m thinking of staying healthy during the holidays (including Fourth of July!), let me know if they help any of you!

Drink a LOT of water: Drink a full glass of water before and after every meal to feel fuller so you’re less likely to eat a large meal or over-indulge on dessert.

Order vegetables: Since going out to eat is extremely common for celebrations, I’m definitely going to make an extra effort to remember to order things that include fruit, vegetables, and less processed carbs and fat.

Portion control: You can have your cake and eat it too! Just eat small portions of it. If you can’t decide between cake, brownies, or cookies – eat 1/3rd the normal serving to both satisfy your taste buds and not over-burden your stomach.

Energy release: If you’re anticipating a glorious celebratory meal, get some of your energy out now. Go to the gym, have some sexy times, walk your dog, anything to keep yourself busy and not eating too much before hand.

Also, we recently had to do our final weigh-in for Dietbet as round 1 has officially ended. I lost about 1 pound since my last weigh-in, and currently weigh 125 pounds. That is roughly 7 pounds away from my goal! I have until the end of the month to lose it, so fingers crossed I reach it. Here is an updated picture:

Yeah, without makeup I’m not really looking that great, but the shirt I’m wearing is an exercise top I’ve had for about a year that I haven’t worn until now because I always felt overweight in it. Happy to see it doesn’t look so tight now *smile* Keep following the Drop10 Diet, and follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! Also, on an unrelated note, has anyone seen Heidi Klum’s new line of athletic shorts for New Balance? They look so hot! I want this one uber badly, hopefully for my birthday. Until next time, bye guys!

With love,

Nicole E

student at the University of Michigan, native New Yorker and downtown nyc / pop culture enthusiast. One of the 7 Her Campus + SELF Magazine "Lose the Freshman 15" bloggers!
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