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These 3 Non-Profits Provide Gender-Affirming Mental Health Care To The Transgender Community & Beyond

In 2024, gender-affirming care for transgender folks is still one of the most heavily spotlighted topics in our society. Most people, specifically those in higher power, tend to ignore, and ban, the needed resources for those who are on their trans journey — including gender-affirming mental health resources.

If you don’t know what gender affirmation means, let me explain. Gender-affirming care is defined as “the social, medical, behavioral and psychological interventions designed to support and affirm an individual’s gender identity”, specifically for those who are questioning their gender identity. For trans folks, gender-affirming care is still an unresolved problem due to physical development, access to hormone therapy, and parental consent. A lack of access to affirming care can lead to gender dysphoria and other mental health issues, such as depression and suicidal ideation. According to the Trevor Project, 56% of LGBTQ young people who wanted mental health care in the past year were not able to get it, and nearly 1 in 3 LGBTQ+ young people said their mental health was poor most of the time or always due to anti-LGBTQ+ policies and legislation.

With many laws across the country prohibiting and banning medical care for transgender youth, it’s important to keep in mind resources that are willing to provide affirming care for trans individuals and their mental health. So, whether you’re a trans person looking for mental health resources, or if you’re cisgender and looking for a cause to support, here are three gender-affirming mental health resources for transgender folks.

Trans Youth Equality Foundation

The Trans Youth Equality Foundation is a non-profit organization that advocates for transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming youth. Their mission is to provide a safe and comforting environment for children and youth. The organization provides many resources for youth, parents, educators, and providers. It also provides a workshop for healthcare professionals on the basis of gender dysphoria and gender affirmation.  

National Center for Transgender Equality

Founded in 2003 by transgender activist Mara Keisling, the National Center for Transgender Equality is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to social justice advocacy for the transgender community. NCTE focuses on debunking discrimination in employment, hate crimes, and health care access. The organization strives to increase affirming efforts for trans individuals and advocates for trans mental health. 

Trans Lifeline

Launched in 2014, Trans Lifeline is a trans-led organization that provides trans people with support and the resources that will guide them to a better future. The organization also offers financial and emotional support to those in crisis, and the Microgrants Program is dedicated to gender-affirming resources such as name-change and other necessities needed for a trans individual’s journey. 

The community of trans people still has a long way to go in receiving the rights that they deserve. Especially for trans youth, it’s important that we listen and cater to the wishes of those who want to live their true selves.

Makalah Wright is the Campus Correspondent at Her Campus at UWG chapter. For the chapter, she has written personal essays about real-life experiences and she encourages readers to take inspiration or learn from it. Beyond her position as the CC, she is also a national writer for the wellness section of the website. So far, she has written articles based on mental health, relationships, and other wellness-related topics. She is a junior at the University of West Georgia, studying in public relations with a minor in music. After her undergrad, she plans to get a masters in communication and work in either music business or the sports industry. She also hopes to create her own foundation that will help with funding for the performing arts in schools. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, shopping, traveling to new places, and drinking iced coffee. She also enjoys playing the clarinet and listening to all types of music, specifically jazz.