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Spice Up Thanksgiving & Send Your Crush One Of These Flirty Texts

I’ll just get right to it: A Thanksgiving that involves your politically incorrect relative or your aunt, who keeps asking you if you have a SO, gets exhausting. And honestly, sometimes, you just need to get away from the dinner table, sneak into the bathroom, and text your friends about this Thanksgiving’s “cannon events.” Or maybe there is a crush in mind that you want to send a flirty Thanksgiving text to. (Wink.) 

Because Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, that means, for some people, spending time away from your crush, sneaky link, or the kid that lives down the hall from you. But that doesn’t mean that the flirting has to stop when you are away on Thanksgiving break. 

There is a unique opportunity for flirting during Thanksgiving, and there are too many jokes about stuffing that I would include here, but they are totally NSFW. But, some of the pickup lines can be super corny and cute. And IMHO, I love receiving a cheesy text every now and then. It keeps things interesting. 

If you are already anticipating sending a flirty Thanksgiving text to your sneaky link, hometown hookup, or crush, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 flirty Thanksgiving texts to send your crush. For some of these, you may want to wait until you have a little liquid courage. 

Wanna butter my cornbread? 

TBH, what does this even mean? Regardless, it’s fun and flirty 

Is your name Thanksgiving? I want your stuffing.

Horny, but cute. 

Forget the wishbone, I wish you’d bone me. 

This one would certainly have to be sent after a few drinks, IMHO.

Got room for dessert? 

Obviously, you are the dessert in this situation. 

Let’s go make my Plymouth rock. 

If your crush is one of those “I think about the Roman Empire once a week” people, send them this. 

I can give you something to be really thankful about.


I checked the meat thermometer, you’re officially one hot bird. 

Super corny, but it gets the job done. 

You put the “ass” in casserole.


What are you going for tonight? Thighs or breasts? 

This one is certainly super flirty and risky, but it’s fun. 

Are you a gravy boat? Because I want to pour all my love into you.

This one would be more for a SO, but if you’re feeling bold, go for it. 

You’re so hot I need oven mitts. 

Good way to start flirting. IMO. subtle but fun. 

Want to break the wishbone? I’m wishing for a date with you.

Let them know how you really feel with this text. 

How about we skip the turkey and get straight to dessert? 

Basic, but fun. 

There’s only one cavity I want to stuff, if you know what I mean. 

I’ll see myself out, now.

Are you a mashed potato? Because you got me feeling all buttery inside.

I mean, who doesn’t love mashed potatoes?! 

Is your name apple pie? Because you’re the perfect ending to my Thanksgiving. 

Again, people — the food puns are corny, but they get the job done. 

Do you believe in love at first slice? Because meeting you feels like a perfect cut. 

I love this one. 

Are you the Mayflower? Because you’ve been sailing through my head. 

This one is pretty clever.

Wanna come over for a little turkey and undressing?

Oops! That was a typo! Or was it…

I’d fingerling your roasted potatoes 

This one is so absurd, but I had to include it. 

Do what you will with these pickup lines. Because they may leave your crush running away, or, leave them wanting more. Happy holidays! 

Eileen is a senior at Fairfield University who is studying Communications with minors in English and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. She has a passion for magazine writing and hopes to pursue a career in the field. Eileen is a Wellness writer for Her Campus where she covers mental health, sex & relationships, wellness, and more. She also is a self-proclaimed pop culture aficionado, so she dips her toes into those sections of Her Campus as well. In addition to her participation as a Her Campus National Writer, Eileen is one of the Campus Correspondents (CCs) at Her Campus’s Fairfield University chapter. She oversees the entire chapter and works with her other CC to curate ideas and events for HCFU. She also mentors and trains the editorial team and helps create content and boost engagement alongside the social media team. In her free time, you can find Eileen creating new Spotify playlists, getting a sweet treat with friends, or obsessing over Taylor Swift. If she isn’t doing that, you’ll likely find Eileen with her six best friends from school talking about their “Big Three”: "Normal People," TikTok edits, and "Little Women."