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These Thanksgiving Sex Positions Will Give You Something To Be Thankful For (Wink)

Most people wouldn’t usually think of Thanksgiving as a horny holiday (even though Venus is going to be in Libra, hello). Everyone is chowing down on turkey, casseroles, and desserts galore — and the last thing people want is someone to touch them while they’re recovering from a food coma (or recharging their social battery). Hear me out, though: Thanksgiving sex sounds kind of hot. Eat a lot of food (or sneak out before the feast), get railed, then take a nap? Sounds like something I could be down for, with the right positions, of course. 

Luckily, Thanksgiving allows a lot of style options that are comfy and easily accessible, which means you can basically have your dress crumbled in a pile on the floor in five seconds flat. This is ideal if you’re looking for a quickie in between the endless amounts of family gatherings. However, if you’re searching for foreplay that closely resembles a seven-course Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve got that too. 

So, without further ado, grab a partner or two, and get ready to bring a whole new meaning to your favorite Thanksgiving side dish (wink).


What’s Thanksgiving without a wishbone? And while you’re probably thinking of the little bone you try and pull apart to get the bigger piece, I’m thinking of a different wishbone. Get cozy with your partner and get in the classic missionary position. Stay in missionary and the partner lying on their back will move their legs so they’re up in the air, creating a “V” shape, like the shape of a wishbone, while the other continues to penetrate. Talk about festive!


Since you and your bae are probably going to be passed TF out after eating and socializing, this one is a lot more low maintenance. Simply get in bed (or on the couch) and get into a cuddling position with the person doing the penetrating as the big spoon. Once in that position, they can penetrate from behind while in the spooning position. Low effort so you can take as much time as you need, which sounds kind of like a dream, TBH. 

Turkey Trot

A fan favorite is the classic doggy style, so assume this position. The person getting penetrated will hold out their arms, so the partner behind can hold onto them while penetrating deep. It’s supposed to resemble the Turkey’s wings, can you see the picture?

Pumpkin pie

I was having a Don’t Worry Darling moment imaging this one. You know the one scene? Where Ms. Flo cooks that fabulous dinner only for it to be pushed all to the ground (I’d honestly cry). So you get the picture, get on the dining room table or the kitchen counter, any elevated surface you serve food will suffice. You can be creative, whether you want to embark in penetrative or oral sex, the journey is all yours. However, to make it more festive, I’d suggest grabbing the whipped cream!

Girl Lying On Bed Close Up
Arianna Tucker / Her Campus
Prone bone

This is the ultimate lazy girl position, IMHO. It’s basically doggy but without all the core work. So the person being penetrated lays flat on their stomach, with their partner coming from behind. I like to think this is super easy on the body, which is what we all need after Thanksgiving dinner. 

So, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, besties! If you and your partner, hookup, or FWB (I don’t judge) are up for it, consider adding in some spice before that post-turkey nap. Remember to practice safe and consensual sex, and have fun. Happy boning — I mean — Thanksgiving!

Avery Worley is a national writer for Her Campus. She has written across all verticals but takes a special interest in the wellness section, especially mental health, sex and relationships, and all things astrology. Beyond Her Campus, Avery attended New York University's Publishing Institute and is getting her Masters in Mass Communications from the University of Florida. When she isn't writing, you can find her exploring NYC with her latest romance novel in hand and relating way too much to "mirrorball" by Taylor Swift. If it's the fall, she's definitely rewatching Gilmore Girls.