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ICYMI: Here’s How You Can Experience The 10 Different Types Of Orgasms

While doing my daily Tiktok scroll, I came across a video about orgasms (which is honestly pretty typical for my FYP). And despite my sex-positive nature, I was shocked to learn there are 10 (!!) different ways that a woman (or a person with a vagina) can reach the big O. Instantly, I had to know more. 

The rumors are true, there are ten different spots on the body that stimulate an orgasm. These types of orgasms can all come from different body parts from the erogenous zones to all the different spots inside the vagina. Some folks can find orgasmic bliss from having their skin touched the right way. 

You might be a little confused about how you get all of these different kinds of orgasms but don’t worry it’s mostly just about what position you are in, and what is being stimulated. The best part? You don’t need a partner to achieve these orgasms! So, grab some lube, your favorite toy, and maybe even a partner, and get ready to get down and dirty while experiencing all new sensations. BRB, I am making a new bucket list.

Nipples: Nipple Clamps.

Keep it kinky with this additional stimulation that might bring additional orgasms. This is definitely a time to try out cowgirl to make sure your partner has a full view of your chest and can touch you to add extra sensation. Or, try wearing a pair during your next solo sesh.

Neck: Kissing.

This is a steamy classic for a reason. In missionary have your partner kiss and suck on your neck and earlobes (yes, earlobes!) while touching other erogenous zones you enjoy. In this position, they can run their fingers through your hair, grab your inner thighs, or hold your wrists above your head to stimulate all of those sensitive spots, too. 

Clitoral: mutual masturbation.

ICYMI, the clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body with over 8,000 nerve endings. You’ve probably already experienced this type of orgasm with your tried and true vibrator, so having your partner use it on you, or just watch you do it as foreplay, could bring the perfect sense of arousal to a hookup sesh. 

Vaginal: Lotus.

A vaginal orgasm is just any orgasm that comes from vaginal stimulation. Lotus is the perfect position to get you feeling close to your partner. Have them sit crossed-legged and then sit on top of them with your legs around them as they penetrate you. (One of my faves, TBH.) 

A-Spot: Doggy.

Deeper than the G-spot, the A-spot is located deep in the vagina near the cervix and these orgasms will have you feeling extra euphoric. Doggy will ensure penetration deep enough to stimulate this spot through penetration. 

G-Spot: Spooning.

The infamous G-spot will help you feel powerful orgasms and overall good feelings. Since the spot is located on the top of the vagina, this side position will help hit the G-spot through penetration. Plus, this position can allow your partner to reach around and stimulate the clit. Doubly whammy! 

Posterior Fornix: reverse cowgirl.

The Posterior Fornix is higher up in the vagina and on the opposite wall from the G-spot. Getting on top in reverse cowgirl will make it easier to hit this spot. For more intense stimulation, grab your partner’s ankles and lean forward to feel deeper penetration. 

U-Spot: Receiving Oral.

Some folks find arousal stimulating the tissue around the urethra opening (AKA, the U-spot). Next time you are getting hot and heavy with a partner, ask them to go down on you and spend extra (gentle) time around this spot.

Mouth: Giving Oral.

Learning there are folks that experience orgasms from having their mouths stimulated was so intriguing to me. If you want to try to experience it, the best way is to go down on your partner. Pay extra attention to using your lips to stimulate this erogenous zone and see if you see stars. 

Skin: Sensual Massage.

Yes, you read that right, some folks can feel arousal from having their skin stimulated. This is also a great way to feel loved by your partner so have them give you a back massage hitting all of the erogenous zones like the inner thigh, back of your knees, and the soles of your feet. Let loose, y’all! 

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