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Hungover? Try One Of These Powders To Up Your Daily Dose Of Hydration

Besties, this is not a drill! Halloweekend is here, and while I hope you’ve planned some amazing costumes it’s time to also make a plan about your health and recovery post-party. Now, I’m not saying you need alcohol to have fun (you’re talking to the designated driver of the friend group), but if you’re 21 and over, I know that Halloween cocktails and parties seem to be the perfect excuse to let loose and get a little wild. So, I’ve rounded up the best hydration powders to get you through the weekend. 

Now hold up: Why hydration powders when there are 101 different remedies for hangovers? This is because doctors believe that dehydration is the main cause of feeling hungover. As your body metabolizes the alcohol, your liver needs to work overtime to process and dispose of the toxins. So, getting some extra help hydrating isn’t the worst idea the morning after. However, if you’re having severe symptoms, please seek medical assistance immediately. 

Before we get into this roundup, here’s a quick science lesson on how hydration powders work: These powders have electrolytes in them, including sodium, calcium, and potassium. This helps your body absorb the water faster so you get the feeling and benefits of hydration faster. Honestly, kinda feels like magic. And they taste pretty good, too.

Liquid I.V. Sugar-Free Hydration Multiplier ($25)

Starting off with my personal favorite: Liquid IV. This magic powder contains three times the electrolytes of an average sports drink as well as vitamins B and C. They also have a variety of flavors with lemon-lime being the most popular, but I recommend fruit punch. 

Nuun Sport Electrolyte Powder Packets ($19)

If you want incredible flavors, Nunn is definitely the way to go. These powders are perfect for throwing into your water bottle and sipping through the day. They aren’t the strongest electrolyte product out there but they do contain magnesium, which will help calm your mind and slow down your heart as you scroll through your drunk texts to your ex. 

Plink! Hydration Tablets ($18)

Like Nunn, Plink also comes in tablet form and cuts out a lot of the added ingredients you would find in a sports drink. They also pride themselves on only using natural ingredients which makes a huge difference in flavor. Also, it’s not uncommon to mix them into a cocktail… so use this as the responsibility, in the advice to drink responsibly. 

LMNT Zero-Sugar Electrolytes ($22)

OK, some of these flavors are off the charts. I mean, mango chili? Yes, please. LMNT brand claims that an extra dose of sodium beyond your advised daily intake is the path to a quicker recovery,  so keep that in mind before you make this your go-to.

Hydrant Electrolyte powder ($34)

If all-natural ingredients are important to you try out Hydrant. This brand prides itself on no added sugars, so the sweetness comes from real fruit juice, cane sugar, or monk fruit. If you’re looking for something beyond hangover recovery, they also have powders that specialize in helping you catch some ZZZs, or fight off the frat flu

SKRATCH LABS Hydration Powder ($21)

Skratch is perfect if you’re feeling off, but still functioning, as it’s sitting in the medium range of electrolytes. Reviews claim that they are the perfect level of sweetness and are happy with the wide variety of flavors. They, however, contain artificial sweeteners so if you’re trying to avoid those, this one isn’t for you. 

Laird Superfood HYDRATE Coconut Water Powder Drink Supplement ($15)

Coconut is known to be super easy on the tummy so if you’re waking up feeling a little queasy this might be just the thing to kick off your recovery. Naturally, coconut already is high in potassium which is key to rehydration — plus, this product is low in sodium and carbs, too.

Mini Dew ($44)

If you’re well into recovery and still feeling a bit of a brain frog try out mini dew. 90% of the US has a mineral imbalance or deficiency that leaves you chronically dehydrated so not only does this powder have electrolytes it also contains minerals for brain function. It also has been claimed to help reduce PMS cramping, normalize sex hormones, and support hair and nail growth. They have limited flavors but it comes in a cute reusable jar — so it’s on my list. 

DripDrop Hydration Electrolyte Powder Packets ($28)

Last but not least, we have Drip Drop which is one of the more intense options with three times the electrolytes than leading sports drinks. This powder also works twice as fast as just drinking water and has added zinc and vitamins for immune support. You can choose an individual flavor or get a variety pack if you are indecisive.  

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